Will your old iPad mini case fit the new iPad mini 5?

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Will your old iPad mini case fit the new iPad mini 5?

Best Answer: Some iPad mini 4 cases will fit the new iPad mini (2019) since they're the same dimensions, but not without some minor compromises. However, cases for the iPad mini 3 and earlier will not fit due to completely different physical dimensions.Small and mighty: iPad mini (2019) (From $399 at Amazon)

So if I had an iPad mini 3 (or older), I'll need entirely new cases for iPad mini (2019)?

That's correct. The iPad mini 3 and earlier were actually shorter in length than the iPad mini 4 and iPad mini (2019), so there is no way that the new iPad mini (2019) will fit in those cases.

However, the microphone placement on the new iPad mini (2019) is the same as the iPad mini 3, where it is on the back towards the top middle. If it weren't for the fact that the iPad mini 3 was shorter, then perhaps those old cases could have fit.

But my iPad mini 4 cases can work?

It depends on the case you've been using.

Since the iPad mini 4 and iPad mini (2019) have the same measurements, there isn't an issue with getting the new iPad mini (2019) into a case that was designed for the previous iPad mini 4. It's not the most optimal solution, however.

Why? The button positioning on the iPad mini 5 is slightly lower than the positioning on the iPad mini 4. This may be an issue with certain types of cases that have precise button coverings, for example.

Another issue that may arise with using an old iPad mini 4 case on your new iPad mini (2019) involves the microphone on the back of the device. On the iPad mini 4, it was located next to the rear-facing camera. With the new iPad mini (2019), it's been relocated back to the top middle, like the iPad mini 3, so iPad mini 4 cases will end up covering the mic.

A hack around this is to punch a small hole into the case where the microphone is on the new iPad mini (2019) if you need it for video calls and the like. It's not the most elegant solution, but if you don't want to buy a new case and just reuse an old one, then this is a workaround.

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