Wishing for better Split View management for macOS

Split View makes the Mac more productive, so I'd love for Apple to make Split View more productive.

Split View on OS X — or macOS, if you're trendy — lets you keep two windows visible and actionable at the same time. It's similar to the iPad feature of the same name. In some ways better — you can have two Safari windows side-by-side, for example. But in one way much, much worse — you can't change a window in Split View. And that's something I hope macOS 12 fixes.

The iPad version of Split View isn't perfect either. The way you switch windows on the left (primary) is completely different than the way you switch apps on the right (secondary). But at least you can switch.

On the Mac, you hold down the green button, pick the side you want the first app on, pick the second app, and — boom — you're in Split View. From there you can grab the tool ar and pull an app from one side to the other — change on from left to right or vice-versa — but you can't change either of the apps.

If you have Safari on the left and Notes on the right, for example, you can switch sides for Safari and Notes, but you can't switch Safari for Maps or Notes for Messages. All you can do is destroy the Split View and create another using a different combination of apps. That is, once you reclaim whichever of the apps went full screen instead of returning to its previous state...

What I'd love to see is a mechanic where, if you hold down the green button again, its window shrinks back down to the chooser, and you can pick a different window to take its place in the Split View.

Nailing the interaction would be tricky, and there may well be another, much better, way of doing it already in the works. I'd just love for it to work.

Split View has become a frequent companion of mine on the new MacBook. With a few more tweaks, it would not only be more frequent but more constant.

Hopefully, Apple has something in the works for WWDC, and the next generation of the Mac OS, this June.