Withings looks back to move forward with Pulse HR fitness tracker

Withings has announced a brand new fitness tracker, the Pulse HR. The Pulse HR joins Withings' line of other fitness trackers, which have previously taken the form of watches. The design of the Pulse HR takes after that of the original Withings Pulse, while incorporating more modern features into the wrist-bound wearable. These features include tracking for multiple sports and activities, and heart rate monitoring. It's also got a big battery, lasting up to 20 days on a single charge.

The Pulse HR can track more than 30 different activity types. These include yoga, volleyball, rowing, boxing, running, and skiing. Just choose the activity you'll be undertaking and get to it. You can customize which activities appear on your Pulse's display using the Health Mate application. The Pulse HR will track your heart rate during these activities, and if it's connected to your phone and location services are turned on for the Health Mate app, it can also track your route for activities like running and skiing.

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In addition to fitness activities, the Pulse HR can also function as a notification device, softly vibrating when you receive a call, text message, email, or an event reminder. Third-party apps can also take advantage of this capability, delivering news alerts, travel reminders, and more.

The Withings Pulse HR is available for pre-order now from the Withings for $129.95, while full availability begins on December 5.

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