With World AIDS Day, Apple Stores and the App Store once again go (RED)

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I love Apple + (RED). I love the look of the products, from the (RED) iPhone 7 Plus to the (RED) Smart Battery Case to Beats to... the list goes on. (And can I tell you how much I'd love (RED) AirPods? But what I love more is that the profits from Apple + (RED) purchases go to help the more than 37 million people who are trying very hard to live with HIV across the globe.

This year, on World AIDS Day, Apple + (RED) is going to hit $30 million raised for the Global Fund. That's equivalent to 144 million days of ARV. It'll amount to the equivalent of 475 million days of medication over the last 11 years.

Lisa Jackon, Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, on Apple.com:

Connecting through our products and services helps make it easy for our customers to join us in the effort to create the first AIDS-free generation. By working with (RED) to stop the transmission of HIV from moms to their unborn babies, we're already seeing a significant impact in areas where help is needed most. We're committed to continuing the fight and empowering future generations through these vital efforts.

Deb Dugan, (RED)'s CEO:

Apple's commitment to the AIDS fight is unparalleled. It's not just the staggering $160 million raised for the Global Fund that has impacted many millions of lives, it's their ability to bring heat, awareness, energy and eyeballs to keep this issue front and center. Their unwavering support cannot be underestimated, and we thank every Apple employee for helping (RED) reach the milestone of half a billion dollars delivered to help end this disease.

To continue raising awareness, Apple is going (RED) at both its physical Apple Stores and on the App Store:

For World AIDS Day 2017, more than 400 Apple stores will feature a red Apple logo for the week, and for every Apple Pay transaction made at a retail location, online or in-app, Apple will make a $1 donation to the Global Fund. App Store visitors around the world will see a Today tab takeover featuring stories dedicated to the cause including a behind-the-scenes look at how developers are supporting (RED). Gaming developer King is also rolling out limited-edition bundles across its popular titles — Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga — with all proceeds from those in-app purchases going to the Global Fund.

Good on (RED). Good on Apple. Good on everyone who continues to contribute towards, support, and bring hope towards the fight against HIV and AIDS.

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