WWDC 2012

Most of us will be familiar with iOS 6 by now, but it was first shown off 12 months ago with a raft of updates under the hood, plus some more front facing ones. One such item was the replacement of Google Maps with Apple's own Maps app. What happened afterwards is a story for another day, but it was nevertheless a bold step from Apple.

WWDC 2012 also brought us OS X 10.8, OS X Mountain Lion, which built upon Lion and added such new features as the iMessage compatible Messages app, a reminder app that syncs with your iOS device, Notification Center, and much more.

Hardware wise, the talk of the show was the new MacBook Pro with the 15-inch Retina Display. At launch, this was unlike any other laptop display ever made, and 12 months on is still up there with the very best.

WWDC 2012 keynote video

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