Yes, you can charge an Apple Pencil with an iPod Nano. Why do you ask?

Ipod Nano Pencil
Ipod Nano Pencil (Image credit: iDropNews / Jesse Hollington)

What you need to know

  • YouTuber Will it Work? has put the iPod Nano's Lightning port through its paces.
  • They found that the iPod Nano will indeed charge an Apple Pencil.
  • It can also run a small fan and a UV light.

A YouTuber experimenting with Apple's iPod Nano has revealed the device can in fact charge the Apple Pencil.

As spotted by iDropNews, YouTuber Will it Work conducted a series of tests with the seventh-gen iPod Nano to find out what its Lightning Port was capable of.

Niles Mitchell first showed off a small Lightning fan and a UV light that work with the iPhone, before testing them with the iPod Nano. The iPod can in fact run both, but the Apple Pencil test was the most surprising. Mitchell was able to plug in and charge an Apple Pencil using the iPod Nano. As you can imagine, it took quite a bit of juice, charging the Pencil from 80-100% drained the Nano's battery from full to just 25%. The Apple Pencil, of course, doesn't actually work with the iPod Nano's tiny touch screen, however, Mitchell did show off a $13 stylus that did.

Recently, an Apple patent indicated the company has considering ways to include the Apple Pencil with its MacBook lineup, from our recent report:

A patent filed by Apple earlier this week that revealed a new MacBook design with an Apple Pencil housed in place of its Touch Bar has been brought to life in a stunning new concept.Sarang Sheth through Yanko Design has created a concept of a MacBook with an Apple Pencil housed where the Touch Bar used to be, as based on a patent filing from Apple made public this week.

Macbook Apple Pencil

Macbook Apple Pencil (Image credit: Sarang Sheth)
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