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What you need to know

  • Apple's hot new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard look sweet.
  • You can see one in your very own home.
  • And you can do it for free thanks to augmented reality.

Apple announced its new iPad Pro yesterday and alongside that, we also got the fancy Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, too. It's quite the looker, and if you're considering an upgrade you might want to see how it will look in your own home. Doing that might normally be a case of spending more than $700, but thanks to augmented reality you can do it for free.

All you're going to need is an iPhone or iPad and an internet connection. Then just head over to the iPad Pro website. Tap the button to switch to AR mode and away you go.

You'll probably be prompted to move your device around so that it can get a feel for where you are in 3D space, but once you've done that you should see a fresh new iPad Pro in front of you.

That new iPad Pro should be the correct size if everything has gone according to plan. But you can pinch to zoom in and out if you need to. Just place the iPad Pro onto a surface and that's it. You're now looking at an AR iPad Pro on your desk. And it didn't cost you a thing.

Well, except a few hundred dollars when you realize how great it looks and just have to buy one!

LiDAR for Life

2020 iPad Pro

iPad Pro (2020)

An iPad camera that is now as good as an iPhone's.

The 2020 iPad Pro has a faster processor, an advanced camera system, a LiDAR scanner for AR, and support for a true cursor experience with the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad.

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