You can now easily adapt any new post-2012 iMac for VESA mounting

NewerTech now has a new adapter that makes it much easier — nay, possible — to mount any 2012-or-newer iMac, even the new Retina 5K iMac with the universal VESA system. The NuMount VESA is a machined aluminum bracket that clamps through the power-cable passthrough in the iMac's stand, adding both a quartet of screw holes for a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount and a shelf above that for storing items you want nearby but neither want to see or need to reach (say, an external hard drive for backups).

The NuMount VESA exists because iMacs purchased since 2012 had to have VESA mounting specified when ordering — it's either an attached stand or four screw holes drilled into the back. So if you purchased your iMac at a retail store, or you ordered it with a stand and now you find you want to mount it up on the wall or an arm, you have an option.

Apple offers a VESA adapter for older iMacs and the aging Thunderbolt Display, but there's no such option to pop off the integrated stand on iMacs made after 2012. So now there's the NewerTech NuMount, although you'll be paying $99 for the privilege.

  • NewerTech NuMount VESA adapter for iMac - $99.00 - Buy Now (opens in new tab)

Source: NewerTech

Derek Kessler

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  • Thanks for the heads up, but no need: I'm now rockin' the Ergotron Workfit A standing desk mount contraption for my new iMac! Absolutely awesome!
  • 1) It's not hard to install a VESA adapter onto *ANY* iMac, (post 2012 or otherwise). 2) This seems the height of dumbness to me. It's a VESA mount, that attaches to a bracket, that attaches to a stand, that attaches to the place where the VESA mount is supposed to attach in the first place. Why not just do it right, take off the foot, and attach the VESA stand to the proper place? It's not *that* hard.
  • You can't remove the foot on the post-2012 iMacs. Only way to get a VESA adapter on them (e.g. my new 5k iMac) is to get it pre-installed by Apple. Pity I didn't know that in advance.
  • I have a 27inch iMac desktop computer that stands with the screen about 3 inches above the desk. For ergonomic reasons, I want to lower it so the screen sits directly on the desk. Does a VESA stand allow me to do that? Is there any other way of doing that?