You can remote lace Nike's Adapt Huarache shoes with Siri and Apple Watch

What you need to know

  • You will now be able to remote lace the Nike Adapt Huarache shoes.
  • Nike is rolling out additional support for the Apple Watch and Siri.
  • Just set up a Siri Shortcut and you can begin using Siri to tie the shoes.

Remember the self-lacing Back to the Future shoes? Well, that idea has come a long way after multiple real-life iterations by Nike, with the latest one being the Adapt Huarache. Even better, you will be able to lace them up using Siri.

The Nike Adapt Huarache can be controlled through the Nike Adapt app to take advantage of the self-lacing functionality, but now this feature will be even more intuitive with additional Apple Watch and Siri support. You will be able to create a Siri Shortcut and use voice commands to control the shoes via the app.

Here's what Nike said of the announcement:

Above this layer sits exposed elements of the Nike FitAdapt lacing system. The technology, which is run from a midfoot motor, is controlled by a multi-faceted Nike Adapt app. With the app, wearers of the Nike Adapt Huarache are greeted by a universal login (consistent for all Nike FitAdapt product — current and future), a themed interface specific to the Huarache and a number of preset fit recommendations for foot type and activity. The functionality of the app can also be driven by Apple Watch and Siri, two advances that support on-the-go shifts.

Once set up, just use Siri on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod, and state the command: "Hey Siri, tie my shoes."

If you want to take advantage of this new futuristic shoe, you can do so when Nike launches the first round of the colorways on September 13. However, it'll cost you a pretty penny. The Nike Adapt Huarache will retail for $349.

Danny Zepeda