You have to check out Canopy, Studio Neat's new keyboard case and stand!

If you're looking for a stylish (and we mean stylish) stand for your iOS devices and love typing on the full-size Apple Magic Keyboard, then you've got to check out Canopy from Studio Neat. Studio Neat is the neat-o company that makes the Glif smartphone mount, the Cosmonaut smartphone stylus, and the Apple Watch Material Dock (among several other things).

Studio Neat Canopy stand and case.

I was able to get an early look at this beautifully made case and stand, and let me tell you, folks, I felt so damn snazzy unfolding this case and using it in public.

The Doctor adjusts his bowtie. He looks very snazzy.

Canopy is made of a dark gray canvas material, a super-soft microfiber lining, a leather loop, and a stainless steel clasp. I can't get over how well the leather perfectly stands out against the dark gray canvas.

So how does it work?

Canopy with an Apple Magic Keyboard fastened to the lower portion.

You take your Apple Magic Keyboard and stick it to the bottom portion of the case … Hold on, hold on — before you start worrying about sticky residue left behind on your pristine Apple Keyboard, you should know the keyboard fastens to the Canopy with micro-suction pads. The spongy material uses suction to fasten itself without the need for sticky adhesives.


Once you've fastened your Magic Keyboard, you can fold the case up 'folio-style and use the clasp and loop to keep everything locked up tight. When you're ready to do some work, you undo the clasp, flip back the upper two portions of the Canopy and fasten the clasp so it forms a stand for your iPad, iPhone, etc.

The Canopy in use.

Canopy by Studio Neat

Where do I get one?

If you'd like to snag a Canopy for yourself or for a loved one, you can head on over to Studio Neat's site to pre-order the case for $40.

The fine folks at Studio Neat are trying their darnedest to get pre-orders out by Christmas, but they're unable to guarantee that ship date.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt crosses her fingers and says fingers crossed.

See at Studio Neat

Mikah Sargent

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