Sometimes knowing the exact breed of your dog and whether it's susceptible to any particular health issues can be real peace of mind for owners and now you can get the kids needed with as much as 32% off. That makes a kit that would normally cost $200 a snip at just $135.

Embark Dog DNS Tests

It can be really beneficial to know the breed of your dog and whether it could have any health problems in the future. These kids give you the means to gain peace of mind on all fronts.

Whether you only want to know the exact breed of your dog or are looking for any potentially huge vet bills in the future, there's a specific Embark kit for you. Regardless, each kit can identify your dog from more than 350 different breeds, types, and varieties. Make sure to select the one that best suits your requirements and you could get into one of these kids for less than $97.

The results of your test should be with you in as little as three weeks so you won't be waiting for months to get your answers.

Who said that Cyber Monday was only about buying new phones and whatnot? Why not treat your best friend to a full-on breed and health test this holiday season?

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