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What you need to know

  • A leaked document suggests the European Commission may force manufacturers to use removable smartphone batteries.
  • It would mean companies like Apple would have to ensure a phone battery could be removed by the user.
  • The plan would hopefully reduce wastage of batteries.

A leaked document from the European Commission suggests the body may be planning to force manufacturers to make it easier to replace the battery of electronics such as smartphones.

According to TechRadar:

Are you constantly annoyed that your smartphone battery dies before the rest of the phone? Angry about the wastage that creates? Well, leaked EU proposals could force smartphone manufacturers to to make all batteries removable.

That would mean that all brands wanting to sell in the EU would have to make sure each phone has a battery that can be removed by the user - and that even would include Apple, the company most resistant to legislation around its iPhone designs, if attempts to make it change ports in the past is anything to go by.

Dutch outlet Het Financieele Dagblad claim to have seen a copy of the European Commission's circular draft economy plan.

The EU has been stamping its feet a lot regarding standardization and the reduction of waste in electronics, recently voting overwhelmingly to standardize charging.

The document also reportedly makes provision for the collection of batteries from old devices and more sustainable production of batteries. Any change to the law would of course only affect devices sold in EU territories, however, that still makes up a substantial customer base for companies like Apple with prominent presences in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and more.

These are of course draft proposals, so any firm legislation is a long way off and still subject to approval.