ZAGG's new products for the 10.2-inch iPad and Apple Watch Series 5 arrive

ZAGG’s new iPad lineup
ZAGG’s new iPad lineup (Image credit: IMore)

What you need to know

  • The new products got teased at last month's CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • ZAGG now offers three keyboard cases for the 10.2-inch iPad, which was released by Apple late last year.
  • The new InvisibleShield protects your Apple Watch Series 5 from scratches and dents.

ZAGG has officially released some of the Apple-related accessories it first announced at last month's Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). New protective cases for the 10.2-inch iPad and an InvisibleShield for the Apple Watch Series 5 are now available and beginning to ship to users.

As Christine Chan previously reported, the new ZAGG Slim Book Go is among the slimmest on the market for the 2019 10.2-inch iPad. It features an ultra-slim profile keyboard with backlit keys and a detachable case. The keyboard is pairable with up to two devices simultaneously so you can go back and forth between your tablet and computer. There's also an Apple Pencil holder to keep your writing and drawing tool safe and easily accessible.

ZAGG Slim Book Go

ZAGG Slim Book Go (Image credit: ZAGG)

The Slim Book Go has been designed so you can detach the keyboard when not in use. As a bonus, the case includes a reversible kickstand to give you over 100-degrees of optimal viewing and working angles.

The ZAGG Slim Book Go is $99.99 and available through the ZAGG website.

For something different, there's the new ZAGG Rugged Messenger for the 10.2-inch iPad. Also $99.99 and available through the ZAGG website, the Messenger also includes a built-in keyboard to use with your iPad. Featuring backlighting in seven different colors, the keyboard is designed to work in lowlight conditions. You can pair the keyboard with two devices at once and sync toggle between them.

ZAGG Rugged Messenger (Image credit: ZAGG)

Impact-resistant, the case can withstand drops of up to two meters and offers multiple viewing angles. There's also room for your Apple Pencil and note that the laptop-style keyboard's battery lasts up to two years between charges.

A previously released ZAGG Messenger Folio is also available for the 10.2-inch iPad. The tablet keyboard and case is $59.99 online.

Finally, there's InvisibleShield's GlassFusion 360 for the Apple Watch Series 5. The nearly unbreakable hybrid glass screen protector absorbs and disperses impact to prevent cracks and shattered screens. Additionally, the polycarbonate bumper protects the bezel of the Apple Watch from nicks and scratches, and the full-screen adhesion helps preserve the screen's touch sensitivity.

InvisibleShield GlassFusion 360 (Image credit: ZAGG)

Available for both the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 4, the InvisibleShield Glass Fusion 360 is $39.99 and available for purchase through the ZAGG website. You can purchase one in black or gold; a silver model is launching soon.

ZAGG and InvisibleShield are just two of the companies under the ZAGG Brands name. The others include mophie, Braven, iFrogz, Gear4, and Halo.

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