ABC to stream Oscars live through their app... but there's a catch

ABC to stream Oscars live through their app... but there's a catch

ABC will stream the Oscars live this year via its Watch ABC app on the iPhone and iPad for certain customers. The app will also feature backstage content from the event, along with the live preshow and ceremony themselves. However, there are severe limitations on viewing this content. Watch ABC allows customers to watch live content content from ABC, but only in certain markets, and then only if they use certain cable providers. These restrictions won't be lifted for the Oscars, according to Variety:

But to watch the full kudocast, you need to be lucky enough to live in the right place — and have the right pay-TV provider. The show’s livestream will be available to Watch ABC authenticated users through eight providers: Comcast, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber and AT&T U-verse. The service is available only in ABC’s eight owned-station markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham, N.C., and Fresno, Calif.

What do you think of ABC's limitations on live streaming? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Variety

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Reader comments

ABC to stream Oscars live through their app... but there's a catch


Is the Oscars broadcast an ABC exclusivity?
I'm sure there'll be other providers broadcasting it live with less restrictions.

Country restriction, I can understand regarding the law. But such restrictions are just to annoy people... and get what's most important: $$$$$.

It's show "business." It's about money. The network ABC has is paying to broadcast that admitted snoozefest of Hollywood self congratulation. But they aren't a charity. They ONLY did it because they think they'll make the money back and turn a profit. ALL tv that's not public broadcasting is about money. People shouldn't expect different. That's like getting mad at coke because they want to turn a profit off each can.

Basically it sucks because you can just turn on a TV and watch the Oscars as we have been able to do for years. The extra content I could probably understand but not the regular broadcast. The day all these cable and internet providers become dumb pipes is the day I'll be happy.

If you ask ABC? It is DirecTVs fault. If you ask DirecTV? You guessed it, ABC's fault. Well, substitute abc with Disney (which owns ABC). The ABC thing is one step worse. Non of the non ABC owned affiliates stream live. Very strange.

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Total crap. I won't be watching anyway, but ABC is an over the air broadcaster. No pay-TV service required to watch it in most markets. I hate that some TV networks restrict live streams like this. I would think the more viewers, regardless of how (broadcast, cable, satellite, Internet), would increase the number of viewers so they can charge more for advertisers. It's how they get paid, son!

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With ABC, there's always a catch. "Here you go... Can't have it!"
With all the network leverage, and cable companies merging, the consumer will never have a truly on-demand experience.

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Not that I feel any need to watch the Oscars live, but DirecTV sucks.
First company to bring fiber optic cable to my house wins.
(If the quality is good enough. I've seen Comcast and it looks like VHS tape.)

Well I guess if we all got what we wanted it would be to good to be true. Nothing is never that simple, when it comes to streaming. So maybe in the next few years it will get better.

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And so does the Capitol Region of Virginia, Maryland and D.C., they advertise that you can in ads but not really when you go to try it(not mentioned in fine-print).

In short, it's bullshit. I am a Dish subscriber and can't use the app anyway. I just don't see what the big deal is for the major networks to lock down content when you can receive it with a digital antenna almost anywhere anytime.

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