How to cancel your MoviePass account

MoviePass offers an interesting service: for $19.95 per month, you can see a new movie in theaters every day. If that sounds too good to be true, that's because it's turning out to be. While the idea of a flat rate subscription to see multiple movies in a week is certainly intriguing, the reality of MoviePass is turning out to be a lot more complicated.

For starters, you can only see movies in 2D on standard screens, you can't watch the same movie multiple times in a week, and the subscription price doubled in less than a year. Plus, the company has made a plethora of bad turns along the way, leading to such issues as running out of money and not being able to support its service and exposing more than 50,000 customers' personal information, including debit card numbers. MoviePass, for all it's nobel attempts, is somewhat of a hot mess.

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So if you're looking at all this and thinking about canceling your account, here's how you go about doing that.

How to cancel your MoviePass account

  1. Open the MoviePass app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Tap Account Details.

    Open MoviePass, tap Account, tap Account details

  4. Tap Plan & Billing.
  5. Tap Cancel next to your plan.
  6. Tap the Reason for cancellation drop-down.

    Tap Plan & Billing, tap Cancel, tap Reason for cancellation

  7. Tap on a cancellation reason.
  8. Tap Cancel Subscription.

    Tap on a reason, tap Cancel Subscription

  9. Tap Cancel Membership.
  10. Tap OK.

    Tap Cancel Membership, tap OK

Just be sure that you want to cancel your subscription when you go to do this. As MoviePass notes, if you cancel your membership plan, you won't be able to reactivate it for nine months.

If you still want to give a movie ticket subscription service a shot, check out Christine Chan's great rundown of the pros and cons of MoviePass, AMC A-List, Cinemark, and Sinemia.

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If you have any additional questions about cancelling your MoviePass account, let us know in the comments.

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