Adult star Jesse Jane's purse gets stolen, uses iCloud to find the culprits

Adult star Jesse Jane took to Twitter to let everyone know her purse -- including her iPhone -- was stolen, and that she was going to use iCloud and Find my iPhone to hunt it down!

After tracking the phone to Hollywood, she took some guys with her and went to get her stuff back from the people who stole it.

Don't mess with the power of technology!

Source: @JesseJane

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Reader comments

Adult star Jesse Jane's purse gets stolen, uses iCloud to find the culprits


Like what? You're a tool? Just like your dipshit comment tells me you're a smug guy who needs to get his ass kicked to shut him up? Yes, that's what you're telling us...

She must have been getting F'd in the A when she was Tweeting this because her grammar appears to be an afterthought. That said, I guess people go into porn because they're generally lacking in other areas...

Ahhh yes. Looking down on someone because of the way they choose to legally and harmlessly make money(that doesn't affect you in any way), or because of a Twitter post's grammar. You're so awesome.
Tell us, Mr. Perfect, what do you do that is so great that you can stand in a place of judgement?

LoL. Well, first, it's nice of you to stand up for yourself and sign in as a random guest. Way to go Mr. Anonymous!!
Second, it was a JOKE!! I don't care what she does for a living! Fact is that her grammar was piss-poor. Apparently she's never heard of a comma or period?? Her lack of the proper use of English made the Tweet difficult to read and is obviously supportive of either laziness or lack of intelligence. She made herself the easy target as a joke, so get over it.
Regardless of what I do, it's not difficult to judge someone's poor use of grammar in the English language. Judging her for getting F'ed in the A?? Well, that's God's job.
Good day.
P.S. Yea, I am pretty awesome, arren't I??

Sadly, Brad, she'd never allow you to F her in the A... or anywhere else, for that matter. You're not even good enough to be within twenty feet of her.

I wouldn't want to be within twenty feet of her, so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. And here, let me fix that for you.... What you meant to say was:
"Brad, you'd never want to F her in the A, or anywhere else, for that matter"
Have a great day!

Give the girl a break on her grammar. She smokes wieners for a living. She can't be perfect at everything!

Damn got to love that.........ITS MAC......well that would solve everything since Mac is the brand and not the damn OS.

I know someone who left their iPhone at a casino. Of course someone stole it so he used find my iPhone and called the police. The cops went to this house the iPhone was at and they found the phone and also tons of drugs. Yupp people are stupid.