App Giveaway: Saver ~ Control your Expenses for iPhone

Saver ~ Control your Expenses is an iPhone app that helps you keep track of your spending. You can choose from 15 different categories for your purchases and view charts that break down where your money is going.

Saver has always grabbed my attention because of it's simple, elegant, and beautiful interface. It does a great job of improving upon the daunting task of expense tracking.

Designed with simplicity and usability, Saver holds all expenses in one place, allowing you to keep track of your budget with ease. You don’t need to be a finance guru, just set the budget, start tracking, and you will always know where your money goes.

  • Beautifully designed, intuitive user interface
  • Make entries on the go with big, easily-accessible buttons and fields
  • Choose from 15 most useful categories
  • Specify your entries by using built-in or custom tags. Attach notes and photos
  • View, edit, and search with ease. Search results can be filtered and sorted
  • Check detailed spending history per week, month, or entire year
  • Visualize your expenses via beautiful graph-report
  • Select or change dates easily, using full-screen calendar
  • "Backup and restore" protects you from data loss
  • World currencies. See the full list on our website
  • Works as standalone app. No pricy desktop software required
  • High-resolution graphics. iOS4 and Retina display friendly
  • Passcode protection for your privacy


The developer, Alex Solonsky, has graciously given us six promo codes to give away to our readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

Saver is available on the iPhone for $2.99.

[App Store link]

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There are 99 comments. Add yours.

katc says:

Looks pretty useful and well laid out.
(I wouldn't mind having a $12000 monthly budget!)

smites says:

I wouldn't mind trying this.

Mary F says:

That's a great idea. Looks good too. I wonder if it would help me stop wasting my cash?

fedemancebo says:

Looks great! I want a chance to try it!

Niki Holmes-Bridges says:

This looks like just what I need!

Alexramirez28 says:

The UI looks better then some I have seen. Looks promising.

TwitBird says:

I'm using "ibearmoney", but this one looks better with a beautiful UI.

williamsyee says:

Interface design looks user friendly and polished!

Darnel_manes says:

The desing looks pretty well done. Best of all is the simplicity of the app.

Mikedshaffer says:

Looks good. I'd like to see it in action...

Alexandr3 says:

I would like to have it! Thanks

Lokikaz says:

This looks great! I would love to give it a go.

Lukas Stabe says:

I'd love to get one of the promo codes :) this one really looks better than the average (and there are many) budgeting-apps on the app-store.

Xterracannondale says:

UI looks really polished. I think this could become a very useful daily app.

Marwan says:

it looks very nice and user friendly.. hope to get one..:)

iMactouch says:

I want to win a Promocode!

mjcarter says:

This looks like a great app.

Morgan Taylor says:

Looks simple and efficient. I need this download.

iMactouch says:

I want to win this beautiful App!

Fredrik Blomqvist says:

what a lovely UI! Would love to use it to control my expenses :P

Sikamikamiko says:

I really really need a promo code in order To Make An. Extreme organazation of my Finances!

Andrew says:

This looks like a useful app. Please enter me to win a code. Thanks!

Torrey says:

Def looking for a great expense tracker to help me get ahead. Please consider me for one of them. Thank you.

Omar Grijalva says:

I like it, I´m going use it in my south american home

Chris Beam says:

This looks useful, would like to try it please. Thanks.

Nanc Mcgorman says:

This would be great to get my budget underconrol.

S1troop32 says:

looks like a sure bet winner

Rafaeldmz says:

The perfect app for me. I lose money and I dont have idea were it goes haha

Chris Galindo says:

This looks like a great app. Wonder if it could replace MS Money Deluxe that I currently use on my PC.

rajkumr says:

I would love to have a copy of saver! probably save me from drowning in my expenses!!!

Aj Beckett says:

If it does what it says on the tin it's for me! Currently I tabulate all my cash in/ outgoings on a Filofax paper expenses sheet as I've never found an App as adaptable or easy to amend.

Jeff says:

I'd buy it right now, but my paper budget says I can't afford it. Maybe if i got a more accurate digital version...

Voyage37 says:

Looks like an awesome way to keep track of expenses. Nice UI!

jhoffmeyer says:

Looks great. I'd love to try it out.

akidd411 says:

looks better than this app that i currently use for tracking expenses - tapexpense2

iUnique says:

am I still have the chance of getting the promo code?
totally like it!
love its simple interface.

Eddy says:

I would love to have this app, looks gorgeous, so why not?

Gaston says:

I need more budgeting :)

Phil says:

Nice, does it sync with your bank account?

Kia says:

Looks pretty nice to me:)

Kiwirev says:

I could use such a thing…

Gene says:

I could certainly use such an app… says:

Definitely a great supplement to my mint account!

Zachary Abresch says:

This app look great. I've been contemplating getting it for weeks now. Hopefully I'll win it because I'm broke and obviously need a way to track my expenses!

Florian Taltavull says:

Really beautiful design and also pretty useful app!

Ken Zuk says:

Looks like a clean simple app! Thanks for the review!

David Ibrahim says:

I've been looking at various mobile expense management apps - would be interested in trying this out.

Raymond says:

Looks pretty nice. Can't wait to try it out!

Mr Luc says:

I have try a few apps similar to this but you loose interest after a while be curious if this app is different look pretty simple might keep you interested of using it everyday

Andre Ferraz says:

interesting! and nice graphics!

conductorchris says:

I've been looking for something like this, but hadn't (until now?) found something that seemed right.

Gfmiller13 says:

A good budgeting app is well worth the money. I've yet to find a budgeting/finance app that does everything I want but I'm always on the lookout for a new one.

Super Roses says:

looks sweet. I would love to try it out.

Loner says:

Need to keep my budget in-check.

Magabury says:

Oooh... This would be nice for me. I'm going to be moving out of my parent's house soon and knowing where my money is going/how much I currently have would be so nice (Without having to use a check book!).

M Cabrerab12 says:

I need something like this. I might have to purchase the app if I don't win one here.

Michael Scott Allen says:

I used to use Microsoft Money back in the day and loved the integration into my then, Windows Phone. Nothing on the iOS platform has appealed to me in that same way, until now. I would very interested in using this app.

Wade Garrett Bertman says:

Wish I had this!! This point in time in my life would make this EXTREMELY useful! Tried and just need something different! This looks perfect for that!

AidenH says:

I have trued s few money managmebt apps, however I gave up on them shortly afterward. Thus app looks to be different. It seems well thougth out and I really love the look of the UI on this app.

Franz says:

Great - want to try this, might be a real help

Ghas says:

Beats tracking purchases in Notes application...

Daniel Stiller says:

this app is just amazing :) that would help save me money ^^

Fooaugustine says:

Life need not be complex. A worthy app to have to manage simple activities like expenses tracking.

Premium says:

This app looks great. I definetly want one to help keep track with my expenses. my expense tracker app sucks and the design on this one is great.

Rowanova says:

Me please. I'd put this to good use managing my budget, and keeping track of where I spend (to much) my money.

dougdog says:

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee!!! I need this for my WIFE!!!!

Pmk1611 says:

keep me from insolvency! pick me for the giveaway!

Ryan Maloney says:

Please give me a promo, save me from writing $2.99 in "app" category.

Navy Mike says:

Looks like I could use an app like this...the military doesn't even equip us with tools this easy to use! Big thanks to you guys for staying on top of the latest apps and iPhone info too!

Drew Williams says:

I need this like woah....I'm on a tight budget and need constant reminders to stick to it!

Bee Dawg says:

Look impressive. Who couldn't use a little app help managing our hard earned money. Hoping to be one of the lucky six to get a promo code.

Leslie says:

I need this for my daughter - she needs an easy way to learn to track her expenses! College students!

Melwan says:

looks like it's worth a spin :)

Estaril says:

Is it coming with one of cost already entered for the day of purchase 2.99$? Or empty for my download?
Thank you for the lovely app.

PeterYoo says:

I think it's time to start saving! Yes please.

Dario says:

I'd love to have this app just to figure out where all my money goes since I usually spend more than my earnings!

Carlos Gomez says:

Im pretty sure this app will help me save enough money to keep paying for my english lessons...

Carlos Gomez says:

And of course keep reading the articles in

Bondman says:

I have been eyeing this app. It is exactly what I need right now. Thanks for the giveaway, TiPb! :)

Kareem says:

Seems like a nice app. I'd like to try it!

Cariesp says:

this would be awesome app .my husband is always wanting me to stick to a budget...

Cheri says:

I am 40 and JUST started a budget on Excel at my office. I would LOVE to have this on my iPhone!

Tirone Nel says:

Looks really pretty! I currently use the "Budget" app but this looks like it may be worth checking out...

Ephraimkunz says:

I think it is sweet that I could have my budget on my ipod touch. As a high school student, this would help me keep my expenses under control.

dig this says:

NO. people have the right to do with their money as they with we should look at raising the pension age way earlier than before making people lose their incomes to the govt what's so bad about raising a superannuation age from 65 too 68?