Rumor: Apple launching 2880 x 1800 Retina display MacBook Pro next year?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes is reporting that Apple may have some MacBook Pro's launching with 2880 x 1800 resolution Retina displays in Q2 2012.

While anything from Digitimes needs to be taken with a MacBook sized grain of salt, Apple has been slowly building towards higher resolution displays for a long time, so this isn't exactly earth-shattering rumor stuff here.

No mention as to which models will receive the upgrade or whether or not they'll beat the oft-rumored [iPad 3](http:

Source: Digitimes

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Reader comments

Rumor: Apple launching 2880 x 1800 Retina display MacBook Pro next year?


I actually hope not. Battery issues aside, it will make everything look awful. Remember, it's not making it bigger, it's making more pixels in the same area. The only thing that will look good are fonts.
Anyone recall how old icons came up pixelated and blurry on the iPhone4? Imagine that on nearly every website you visit, every program you run, every movie you watch.

IF there is any truth to this rumor, don't you think Apple would have a little more foresight? This isn't their first rodeo....sheeze...

And what would lead you to that conclusion? As I already stated, they didn't have any for the iPhone. Why would this be any different?

Why is it always "randomly accurate"? Anyone can be randomly accurate, then to go on to say "needs to be taken with a MacBook sized grain of salt."
On a side note, this obsession with Retina level displays and rumours surrounding just about every future Apple product will have one is not productive. All the rumours leading up to the announcement of the iPhone 4S amounted to just that, rumours.

That seems like a peculiar comment because the iPhone 4 and 4S seem to make sense to tens of millions of people... Having more pixels per square inch (ie; retina display vs previous generation iPhones) doesn't require things to be smaller, it only allows things to be smaller and retain visibility. Though what is comfortable in terms of "visibility" may vary from person to person, I have yet to meet someone who owned an iPhone prior to the iPhone 4 who upgraded and did not appreciate the visual benefits of the higher resolution display which, contrary to what you are suggesting, maintains all iOS elements on the screen (including the menu at the top of the screen) in the exact same physical size... just mo' prettier :-)

I just don't get it... maybe 72 dpi (the old original screen 'standard' wasn't enough, but we're already in the 120-140 dpi range on most devices these days. When I'm working on my laptop or desktop, I'm at least 1 foot from the screen, probably more like 2 often. At that distance, IMO, more dpi is just wasted pixels (along with all energy waste and GPU waste that could be put to better use). It seems more like something being done for marketing buzz to me. (I also don't really get it for the iPad, but it even makes more sense there, as you could certainly hold it closer easily.)
It makes sense on a phone. You have a really small screen area, which you can easily hold really close (or have super eyes) and use the detail to compensate for the small size screen. Can someone explain to me the need for more dpi on a laptop or desktop though?

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