Apple quietly lays the 17-Inch MacBook Pro to rest, refurbished units still available

Although Apple unveiled some rather fine looking hardware today at WWDC 2012 when it comes to their MacBook Pro lineup, they also  shortened their list of available hardware by quietly removing the 17-Inch MacBook. Nothing about the fact was mentioned in the keynote but taking a quick look through the Apple online store tells the story quite well. The 17-Inch MacBook Pro is nowhere to found if you're looking to purchase it new.

That said though, there is a small bevy of them under the refurbished section so if you totally had your heart set on a 17-Inch, you can head there and possibly score a deal on some 2010-2011 hardware.

Source: Apple

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Apple quietly lays the 17-Inch MacBook Pro to rest, refurbished units still available


I'm on my early 2011 17" right now, hope by the time this thing needs to be replaced they'll have a 17" model available again. I'm in the category that likes a big screen laptop and doesn't need light and portable. I set it up on a job site and it sits there for a month or so at a time.

With all the cool stuff announced today, this makes it a net downer for me. Hopefully it'll be like the initial intel MBP situation and they'll release a 17" model in a few months. If not, Apple won't be getting any more money from me for laptops once my current 17" dies. Super disappointed right now.

Me too.
If they don't have anymore 17 inches available, I'll have to go back to windows. I would the to do that, but I need a 17 inch screen. My eyesight can't handle anything smaller.

I haven't seen a 17 inch MBP outside of the Apple store in years. I bet poor sales put and end to this model.

It must've been poor sales. When you think about it, if you need a portable machine you go for the Air, if you need a big screen with no portability, you go for the iMac. It kinda makes sense that they would ditch it.
That said, I am a bit saddened by this since I prefer bigger screen notebooks. I'll be keeping my 17" MBP until it's useable.

hey! i noticed that the airport express base station has also been quietly updated. it looks like the apple tv, but white... i dig it. it's better than the plug in the wall

I had the 17-inch then I got a 15-inch its sucked so went back to 17- inch!! so much more space on the screen you can actually have more then one webpage open and be viewing it at the same time. i probably will not up grade until a new 17-inch is release.

Just use external monitor when you are setup and then you can easily rock 22" or more if you want