Apple SVP of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, has Twitter account

Scott Forstall, SVP of iOS Software, has Twitter account

Apple's Senior Vice President of iOS Software, Scott Forstall has joined Twitter. His account is verified, so it's him and Twitter was told and knows it's him, but he's yet post any tweets.

Still, when Techcrunch caught wind of it last night, he had 3 followers (4 when I saw it) and as of this post he has 12,650ish. He's only following one person back -- that's right, he's with Coco.

Why join Twitter at all and why now? Theories range from elaborate antenna-issue distraction conspiracies to Apple testing Twitter integration with iOS. Or maybe he was just waiting for @geohot to leave?

[@forstall via TechCrunch]

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Apple SVP of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, has Twitter account


It seems that it's not him, but actually a car salesman. Wrong Scott Forstall I guess. Also, it seems like the account isn't there now. :)

He's still there w/21,742 followers.
Coco is Conan Obrien, short-lived comedian host of the Tonight Show in the US, who has 1.2M followers.

Wait a that Kristen Stewart with an iPhone 4?? Stop the presses!!

Are we sure this is the Apple guy? I'm about to create an account and get the app just to follow him. However, I'm sure there is another guy w/the same name somewhere in the world? Anyone have any verification?

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