Apple SVP Phil Schiller's Favorite iPhone Apps

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Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing was asked what his favorite iPhone Apps were, and here's what he said:

[New York Times via Gartenberg]

  • Shazam [Free - iTunes link] “There’s just something so amazing about being anywhere, and some music starts playing and you just hold up your phone and can find out what it is,” Mr. Schiller said. “You never again have to say ‘That’s a great song! Who is it by?”
  • CNN News [$1.99 - iTunes link]: “It’s really cool having the news in your pocket.”
  • Facebook [Free - iTunes link]
  • at Bat 2009 [Currently free - iTunes link]
  • NBA Game Time 2009 [$9.99 - iTunes link]
  • ESPN ScoreCenter [Free - iTunes link]
  • Eliminate Pro [Free - iTunes link]
  • geoDefense [$1.99 - iTunes link]
  • Best Camera [$2.99 - iTunes link]

Some great apps, if no huge surprises.

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Reader comments

Apple SVP Phil Schiller's Favorite iPhone Apps


Why would apple waste their time making an app to make what a million bucks?? Glad you're not in charge of apple

Who cares what this porker thinks are the best apps on the iPhone. Someone should have grown some courage and asked him his opinion on what his favorite winterboard themes, and favorite cydia apps were.

not to be mean but perhaps he should use the app 'Lose it' if he's positioned as the next Steve J.

@Belichick Why would anyone care what anyones favorite winterboard themes were? Besides, you know what his answer would be? "I don't know, i don't pay attention to jailbreaking, its pointless when there's 200,000 apps to choose from in the store!" because he's a company man, he'll tow the company line.

I'm sure belichick was joking.
I swear, the moment someone makes a joke about apple, your guys' sense of humor goes out the window.

Agreed tweger. It's actually funny watching the fanboys get upset when someone questions anything their almighty apple does. I own an iPhone, but could careless what some fat apple executive thinks are the best iPhone apps. I'm actually quite the opposite from most fanboys out there. Honestly, some people need to take off their rose colored glasses, and get a life.

All of a sudden there's 200k apps in the app store.
I thought Phil's favorite app would be where he can build his own pizza and toppings to get it delivered from Pizza Hut.

Sportacular >>> ScoreCenter.
Push for Scorecenter was demoed at WWDC and, last time I checked, is Still. Not. Here.
Why do the apps from big companies (ESPN, etc.) always suck?

Really? What is the point of jailbreaking when there are 100,000 apps?? Multi-tasking, unlimited usage of 3G, easier settings changes, tethering in the US, do I need to go on? It's not necessarily about having a few more apps, it's about removing restrictions Apple has on the phone that make it accessible to the computer illiterate among us.

Right ! the limitations should be removed from the apple's end.jailbreaking is so tedious and risky task for many out there.And many dont want to void the warranty.So apple should come forward and give out more apps themselves which will reduce the no of people who will try to jailbreak and spread piracy !

You got some pretty broad assumptions and some uneducated opinions about jailbreaking and the people who do it.
First off, there is no "risk" in jailbreaking your phone. It doesn't physically break any of the hardware and you can always restore to original factory condition with iTunes.
Second, not all jailbreakers are pirates. We are people who simply like to customize and personalize our phones.
Third, Apple doesn't owe you sh!t! No company should be made to give away anything just because you want them to. Just like any other company, Apple is in business to make a profit. If you think their products are too expensive or are locked down too tight, don't buy them.

I don't jailbreak for free apps I still pay for most of them I don't play for apps that cost 16 bucks and up. Jaibreaking is the best thing the iPhone has period half the iPhone sale are prob jaibreakers. And apple knows that. You no how many ppl have a tmobile iPhone no I don't either lol but there out there. There's enough tmoble gave us Internet service for the iPhone

1 - Phil is not saying what the best Apps are: he mentions his own personal favorites!
2 - Some of you need to STOP whinging and crying with the mere mention of anything slightly negative about the iPhone.PERIOD!!
Am a die hard iPhone Fan... Love it!! BUT its not without its flaws!! I'll accept anyday anyone mentions the iPhones downside..its true!!!