Apple now using Twitter to promote U.S. iBookstore

Apple is now using Twitter to promote the United States version of their iBookstore. Apple already uses Twitter to promote content for App store apps, iTunes music, TV shows, and iTunes movies. Even though the iBookstore account was created quite some time ago, Apple appears to have just started utilizing the account.

The first tweet was actually sent out just today -

Welcome to the Apple #iBookstore on Twitter. Follow us to discover new releases, exclusive book offers, and more.

The last tweet sent from the account is a link to a list of books that are quick reads at good prices. I've become a fan of companies using social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with customers. If you're an avid reader and utilize iBooks you may want to follow the account for new releases, discounts, sales, and recommended picks. Hit the link below to follow iBookstore on Twitter.


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Apple now using Twitter to promote U.S. iBookstore