Apple updates iBooks, lots of new functionality

Apple has just released a significant update to its iBooks application. New in version 1.2 is the ability to experience fully illustrated books, be they children’s picture books or books of beautifully designed art, you can now enjoy them in all their glory within iBooks. Another new feature is the ability to organise your books and PDFs into personal collections, this is also synched over the air to your other iOS devices if you have them.

Air Print has also been enabled if you have one of the few printers that work with this; you can now print PDFs and notes you have written in iBooks. Apple also claim to be able to fit more text to the screen by automatically hyphenating text, this is only available if your device is updated to iOS 4.2

There is no question that iBooks is a beautifully presented application, the only problem is the lack of content in the iBooks store.

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Reader comments

Apple updates iBooks, lots of new functionality


Did the search box disappear? Used to be able to find books in my set of books by typing in part of the book name of category etc.

The other problem is DRM. Not that this is specific to the iBooks store (Amazon and Google have DRM as well) but it certainly prevents me from buying any books via the store. The only books I buy are direct from publishers who offer them DRM free, then I import them into iBooks.
We finally got DRM free music, but now we have to deal with DRM'd books and video. Ugh.
David, pull down on the bookshelf to expose the Search field. Not the most intuitive thing in the world, but there it is.

More words per page by hyphenating. How about next update, we get more words per page by reducing the ridiculously enormous margins?

Agreed, the iBook store is lacking. Apple needs to advertise more to writers and authors. There are lots of writers in the world who want to get their material out, but don't know how to. If Apple could find a way to get these writers and authors publishing through the iBook store, maybe it would see better fortune.

Geis - same thing happened to me. All but 4 books were deleted, and all PDFs are gone. WTF?