Limitless is a Mac app that hopes to succeed where Humane failed by using AI to turn your computer into a personal assistant

Limitless AI on a MacBook Air
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The launch of Humane's hotly anticipated Ai Pin came, and went pretty quickly thanks to a slew of bad reviews. But there's a new app in town that hopes to do what Humane couldn't.

Limitless is an AI-powered app for the best Macs that wants to be your personal assistant. It listens in on your meetings makes notes, summarizes things, and lets you ask it questions about your previous meetings at any point. Everything gets securely saved to the cloud-based app, so you can look back at any time.

If you give Limitless access to your emails and your calendar, it gets even smarter. When asking about your previous meetings, you'll be able to give it more context. For example, you could ask, "What did me and Lisa talk about in our meeting two weeks ago?" and it would feed back notes from the recorded transcription.

There's a free plan for the app, but that limits you to 10 AI interactions per month. If you want more, you'll need to spring for the $20/month subscription. But Limitless says this app is just the beginning of its plans.

Just the beginning

In the near future, Limitless wants to sync up with all your notes apps. The founder believes that it doesn't matter where your notes or tasks are stored – you should be able to access them in one place. Limitless would combine everything into one, and let you ask the AI assistant to summarise your notes. At this point, it begins to become like a second brain.

But where Limitless really hopes to stand-out is with its wearable pendant device. This will work alongside the app to record your meetings. But soon, it wants to listen to everything. Yep, all your conversations. Why? To act like the most personal of personal assistants, and let you ask about anything in your recent past. But that might be a little way off yet.

This comes before Apple is set to announce new AI features at WWDC 2024. iOS 18 is already said to contain major AI upgrades that work entirely on the device. And we'd expect to see something similar in macOS. Whether or not it'll be along the same lines as what Limitless is trying to do remains to be seen. 

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