TiPb Retorts: iPhone Shmodcasts?! WinMo GPS Locks?! Fight the Real Enemy!

Sibling site WMExperts, which -- while Dieter doffs his WinMo cap and rounds his robin reviewing the iPhone -- brings us Phil Nickinson's exception to iPhone OS 2.2's Podcast Download feature.

Okay, it's not cut and paste, lack of MMS, no unified inbox, no Flash, etc. etc. In all fairness, it's an interesting look at some of the things we here at TiPb complain about as well, pointedly the 10MB cap for podcast downloads over the 3G network (you have to switch to WiFi for anything larger, same as the App Store has enforced since iPhone OS 2.0):

It’s this kind of manipulation from Apple that keeps a good many of us from wanting to deal with the company (and frustrates many who do). It’s not that the hardware’s not sexy. It’s not that the software is lacking. It’s that lines are being blurred, or destroyed. Apple makes the hardware, and AT&T provides the service. There’s too much collusion going on. If AT&T wants to set a 5-gigabyte cap on my data, fine. But don’t tell me how to use those gigs. And don’t use Apple as a proxy to do so.

The only problem with the argument? The inclusion of Apple.

Look no further than the very next day on WMExperts, when Dieter posted a rant of his own, asking people to help save GPS on Windows Mobile, which we'll paraphrase thusly:

It’s this kind of manipulation from [Microsoft and the OEMs] that keeps a good many of us from wanting to deal with the company (and frustrates many who do). It’s not that the hardware’s not sexy. It’s not that the software is lacking. It’s that lines are being blurred, or destroyed. [Microsoft and the OEMs] make the [software and hardware], and [Verizon] provides the service. There’s too much collusion going on. If [Verizon] wants to [lock down the GPS that's not fine]. [And] don’t tell me [I have to pay to subscribe to Telenav in order to do it]. And don’t use [Microsoft and the OEMs] as a proxy to do so.

See what we're getting at? Targeting Apple and the iPhone -- which hits the rabbit-eared AT&T 3G towers like Elmer Fudd with a rail gun -- for redirecting high-bandwidth traffic to WiFi, when Verizon is locking out GPS entirely is platform division at the expense of a united front against a common enemy. It's the WinPot calling the iKettle black in a cupboard full of charred cooking ware, and it misses the main culprit: the carrier fire.

Now, while Apple has done more in it's brief 1 1/2 years in the mobile space to break the carrier locks than Microsoft or any other megacorps have done in a decade it's still not enough. Just imagine what could happen if Microsoft put their own, still ginormous weight behind reform. Imagine if Google, rather than taking the carrier-centric, business-as-usual Android licensing route put their "don't be evil" mantra where their handset was? Imagine if RIM, rather than letting carriers rip WiFi from the Blackberry Storm, stood up told the carriers just where exactly they could push their odiferous demands? Imagine if Apple told AT&T to invest a little in infrastructure cause unlimited means unlimited and podcast downloads they are a coming!

Those are the rants I want to see more of, and in more places.

Go get 'em, tigers!

PS: Particularly perplexing with the current 10MB cap on podcasts in iPhone OS 2.2 is that they only apply to direct downloads. Hitting the title, on the other hand, will begin to stream the podcast over 3G (or WiFi) without any such limitations or restrictions. What's up with that? Anyone know if streaming traffic is any different for the 3G network than download traffic?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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TiPb Retorts: iPhone Shmodcasts?! WinMo GPS Locks?! Fight the Real Enemy!


Could you guys start making summaries at the end, i get too lazy to read the whole thing, but i really wanna know what its about lol ;D

Rene, nice response to what seems to be "cheap shots" by the other SPE sites... as for your streaming question, I could be wrong but isn't that stream compressed a great deal? Another reason why they could made it that was is because of iTunes. People could start getting away from iTunes if it was that simple to do it right from the iPhone. I understand I am probably pushing it there but who knows...

I hate that I can't edit my post above....
Another reason they could have made it that way is because of iTunes. (What I meant to type...)

Honest question: exactly what has Apple done to "break carrier locks" seem like the iPhone and how difficult it us to unlock and how tightly apple and att control what can go on it means apple us taking us in the other direction.

Blah, blah, blah...
Those pathetic WM clowns still insist on going down with their ship. :lol:

@Joe @thekevinmoster:
Apple basically froze AT&T out of the iPhone -- they didn't get to see it until almost the last minute. They didn't get to cripple the WiFi or GPS. They didn't get to load a ton of carrier crapware, ringtone services, or other nonsense onto the phone. They didn't even get their branding on the hardware. They also deliver updates outside the snails (or non-existent) pace of other carrier-bound handsets.
With the original iPhone 2G, Apple even handled the activation inside iTunes, completely outside the carrier model.
Perhaps 1.5 years is long enough time to forget, and perhaps Apple is guilty of backsliding with the 3G, but not recognizing how Apple has dictated terms to the carriers that were before all but un-imaginable, is pretty hard to fathom.
And even with the 3G, they've frozen the carrier out of music and out of Apps.
If Microsoft, RIM, and Google step up, we can begin the process of making the carriers the ISPs they really are.

@Rene -
Froze AT&T out, eh? Guess that's why we have real turn by turn directions, because Apple can do whatever they want on the platform and AT&T would never complain about how they're not getting let into the traditional TeleNav ARPU Loop, and even if they did, it's not like that would stop Apple from offering it or allowing it in their development kit.
Oh, wait. :P
Agree that MS needs to step up. Also agreed that Apple is backsliding with the 3G. And yes, I think there's more than meets there eye here wrt turn by turn.
Guess I'm just saying that when it comes to openness and not-locking-down, Apple Apologists ought not get all huffy when WinMo people point it out. MS may be buckling to ARPU pressure from carriers at the expense of the platform, but I think it's fair to say that Apple doing it too, eh?

Not huffy it's being pointed out... and wouldn't dream of ever apologizing for Apple. I want a closed platform. That's what has always made Apple products superior. We get the best of what is truly needed without the confusing, chaotic clutter that has WinMo people coming over to Apple in the first place.

Sometimes I would rather have the carrier lockdown crap over the Apple lockdown. Why? XDA-Developers can generally get us Windows Mobile users past the carriers crippling or loading us up with bloatware. The iPhone dev team still can't enable turn-by-turn GPS, cut and paste, A2DP (how is this still missing?), etc.
At least Windows Mobile is still open enough to allow people to get around the follies of the carriers or Microsoft.

Who says they're not working on those things? Perhaps they're spending time making those things BETTER rather than same ol' same ol'.
I remember just a few years ago wondering why Apple's new cell phone was taking so long. Now I know... and I'm glad they came out with something revolutionary rather than just another phone.

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