Can't find Maps extensions? Here's why

Maps in iOS 10
Maps in iOS 10 (Image credit: iMore)

If you want to check out the app extensions that are available in Apple's built-in Maps app but can't seem to figure out how to enable them, read on.

Maps extensions became available starting with iOS 10. My colleagues swooned over all of the cool app extensions and what they could do.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find them.

"Do you have OpenTable on your iPhone?" "Is Uber available in your area?" Yup and yup. Still no toggle switch in Settings. When I tried to enable an app that I knew was available as an app extension, I got nothin'.

The fix!

Turns out, the problem was that I hadn't downloaded a supported app. From there, you must also enable an app extension in Maps.

Did you have trouble finding Maps extensions?

Please tell me I'm not the only one that had trouble figuring it out. Somebody have my back in the comments, will ya?

Lory Gil

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