Best password manager apps for Mac: 1Password, LastPass, oneSafe, and more!

Best password manager apps for Mac: 1Password, LastPass, oneSafe, and more!

From storing and generating passwords to managing your credit card info, here are the very best password manager apps for Mac!

Easily remembered, broadly repeated passwords are for suckers. Writing them down to type back in, or copy/pasting them each time is not only a hassle, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Security just isn't easy and convenient enough for most people, most of the time. Unless... you have a great password manager app! From generating super strong, unique, pseudo-random passwords, to auto-filling logins and credit card info, a great password manager means you really can have it all — security and convenience. Here are the best ones!


Best password manager apps for Mac: 1Password

1Password for Mac is only part of the 1Password suite that's available across every platform you could think of, with any browser you could possibly want to use. The standalone Mac app serves a a great password bank that you don't need internet connectivity in order to view. The browser extensions are what let you autofill both passwords and forms, as well as save new passwords with little to no effort on your part. 1Password for Mac then seamlessly syncs your data across to other devices you're using with 1Password.

If cross-platform support is a necessity for you when it comes to storing and managing passwords, 1Password for Mac is hands down the best option.

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Best password manager apps for Mac: LastPass

LastPass for Mac isn't actually a standalone app but it is a great password management service as long as you don't mind having to have an internet connection in order to access your vault on your Mac. For the most part, the browser extensions do all the heavy lifting from saving passwords to autofilling them, along with forms and identities. The feature set is familiar to 1Password, just packaged differently. However, if you want access to LastPass on either Android or iOS, you need a LastPass Premium subscription which comes in at $12 a year.

If you only need a Mac password solution, LastPass is the best free solution for Mac.


Best password manager apps for Mac: oneSafe

oneSafe is a standalone password management app for Mac that specializes in storing all your sensitive data before anything else. There may not be autofill options and browser integration but what oneSafe lacks in that department, it more than makes up for in security. For starters, oneSafe is the only app on this list that supports tri-pin security. You also have a vault inside of your oneSafe vault that requires an additional password to access it. All of this data also syncs to the iOS version via iCloud if you want it to.

If extra protection layers are your first priority, give oneSafe a hard look.

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Best password manager apps for Mac: pwSafe

pwSafe is a true safe for passwords, not a complete autofill solution, even though there are a few shortcut key options to launch sites within the app. You can store passwords in iCloud or anywhere locally on your Mac. You can have as many vaults as you'd like, both locally and stored in iCloud. pwSafe then syncs them with your iPhone and iPad running the iOS app. Just like both LastPass and 1Password, pwSafe lets you store any kind of login imaginable and can generate strong passwords on your behalf.

If you need multiple password vaults or just want a place to keep all your passwords that doesn't consist of a sticky note, pwSafe is a simple but elegant solution.

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iCloud Keychain

Best password manager apps for Mac: iCloud Keychain

We can't forget about Apple's default password management solution, iCloud Keychain. If you have OS X Mavericks, you've got it built right in. And if you have an iOS device running iOS 7, iCloud Keychain should sync your passwords pretty seamlessly across OS X and iOS with little effort on your part. There's definitely some work to be done on Apple's part, but it's a good start.

If you're running OS X Mavericks or above and value simplicity above all, give iCloud Keychain a try.

  • Built into OS X

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Your picks?

If you're already using a password manager for Mac, let me know — which one, and what killer feature made you pick it? If not, choose one now and tell me — which one did you go with and why?

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Best password manager apps for Mac: 1Password, LastPass, oneSafe, and more!


Any particular reason why iMore has never mentioned Dashlane ever. Its really good and it has grown significantly. This always puzzled me.

I was also hoping to see a review of Dashlane. I'm a committed 1Password user but recently came across Dashlane when looking for something to use at work. I was surprised I had not heard of it before. (We have narrowed the options down to 1Password and LastPass for our office, in part because no one had heard of Dashlane.)

I agree with rk249. I've been using Dashlane since beta, and I must say it's great. Never had a problem with it.

I chose LastPass because of it's option to use Yubikey for some added security. I've since switched away from Yubikey to other multi-factor authentication but have stuck with LastPass because I don't really have a reason to look elsewhere as of yet. However, I just wanted to note that for others that may be looking to use Yubikey with any of these options. Not sure if any others support it. You do need the premium subscription to use it though.

I've been using 1Password for over a year now and I'm very happy with it. I chose it over Lastpass because it didn't require a subscription and can sync to both icloud and Dropbox. Great app!

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There is another canadian based company offering a password manager cross-platform and IOS
It is passwordbox, although I never used it, been with 1password for many years now, but i would really liked to have a good review of it from you guys. It stole the show at many venues so far. it would be worth taking a look at it.

1Password is the second app I install any time I buy a new Mac, or upgrade an old one. (The first is Dropbox, because that's where my 1Password database is located!)

Make this your New Year's resolution: If you don't have a password manager on your Mac, get one TODAY!

Rene, I'm curious how you folks live without auto-type. Do you only work in browsers? I tried 1Password, finally, but no auto-type makes it a no-go.

Rene - Just read this article. We are Apple people at home (including iPads, etc.), but at work I have to use a Windows OS - So, which one of these would suit me best so I can use it anywhere? (And no, at work I would not be allowed to download any of these directly to my work computer!)

"LastPass for Mac isn't actually a standalone app but it is a great password management service as long as you don't mind having to have an internet connection in order to access your vault on your Mac."

This is not entirely correct: LastPass also works offline via the Safari extension using an encrypted local copy of your database.

Also, there's a free iOS app in addition to the paid version called LastPass Wallet, offering a subset of the features available to paid subscribers. I found myself using the free version enough that it became worthwhile to upgrade to paid.

LastPass isn't perfect -- I wish their UI designers would take some hints from 1Password and make the interface more Mac-like and less 1990s. But apart from that I'm a satisfied customer.

I have to give it up for PasswordBox. They are a Canadian company that's making some noise in the password pool!

I've used DataVault for a number of years, before I had any Apple products. It does the job but I frequently find my self a little frustrated with it, tho.
In appearance it reminds me of MS Windows from the late 90s to early 2000s, or some of the old Windows Mobile (almost) smart phones.

Maybe this review is a great time to look more closely for better options.

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I like eWallet. Works across all IOS & Mac. Used it on Blackberry before switching to Apple products.

1Password is just awesome, been using it for sometime. I keep using mSecure to also a good alternative

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I've been using DataVault exclusively for a few years on Blackberry and now Apple. It provides everything I need from a password manager. I've looked at other password managers but have not found a reason to switch.

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I use Lastpass because it works well for me and it's free. For when I need a password while using an iOS device, I turn to Lastpass' mobile site that allows me to copy and paste the password. It's not elegant, but it works.

A bit weird that 1Password is the "cross-platform solution" and Lastpass the "solution if you only use a Mac" since LP works on more platforms than 1Password.

Big Lastpass Premium fan here for about 3 years.

Agreed. I'm scratching my head on that one, because 1Password's Windows app is terrible while LastPass is exactly the same no matter the platform you use. Since when is LastPass Mac only?

I'm enjoying 1password and Apple's keychain. Great review of the apps and feature for Apple devices.

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Yeah I am using it both on Mac and iOS. It is a great app, just in need of the iOS 7 visual treatment

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I have been using mSecure also for several years and it meets my needs, dependable, never a security issue I am aware of and agree with previous post it could use some updating!

Apple didn't do its magic this time ... so for now, I'll hold on to my trusty 1Password on my MAC, iPhone and iPad.

I've been using an app called PasswordWallet by Selznick Scientific Software for a LONG time (back in the Palm days). It's available for just about everything, and has a great pop-up fill-in type tool that works with just about every app (no browser plugins, etc.). The exception are some dialogs which don't allow anything to be pasted in (like mounting an encrypted volume), but that would be true for any of them.

When it launches, the search filter is active, so it's super-quick to find what I need. Click the mouse, the page, or app, etc. loads up. Another click and the login info is filled in. And, like I mentioned, it's available for about any platform and device, and syncs through a bunch of various ways, including over the network, webdav, or Dropbox.

Like Rene above, it's about the first thing that always gets installed on any device or computer I own. And, like Dashlane, I hardly ever see anyone review it or include it in reviews like this.

I've been using 1Password for a few years. The key features that separate it from the others for me are:
- Multi platform
- Sync via Dropbox
- Built in browser with auto fill
I use it on my Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, Retina iPad Mini, and Parallels VM's.

I should actually check it out some day. I'm assuming the 'built in browser' is for iOS, correct? PasswordWallet has that too, but I wish there were a better way on iOS. I'd rather just use any browser or app of my choosing... which I do, but it requires a bit more work than just auto-fill. I typically know the e-mail or account name, so I'm just copying the password to the 'clipboard.'

How does 1Password work on OSX for the auto-fill? PasswordWallet puts up a floating (always on top) little window, allowing you to select the first field to be filled in (if it isn't already selected) before starting the auto-fill. I've been really happy with that method, though I'm curious how others do it.

The only thing I don't like about PasswordWallet is that the sync UI can be a bit confusing at times.... knowing you've got it setup correctly or that it is indeed working properly. That said, it's always worked pretty well, the IT guy in me just wants it to be a bit better (it uses a wizard to setup, which I hate, and then you can view a log file to check on it. I'd rather it had a setup control panel, and then some visual indication all the time of it's status).

OK, I finally got around to giving it a try...
It's a really nice app in terms of robust features. I'm VERY envious about the sync setup and interface. It really makes it a great solution to use personally, within the home, and between 3rd party business partners (via a shared Dropbox). I'm been TRYING to accomplish this with PasswordWallet, but I'm not sure the sync is quite that flexible. At best, it's confusing enough to make setting that up less than straight-forward.

The UI is also HUGE compared to what I'm used to, though, I'll admit, very pretty.

However, the deal-killer is the lack of auto-type. If you're only going to use your password manager with certain browsers, I guess it would be OK. But, if you use your password manager for EVERYTHING, it's going to be a problem. The only option, it seems is to copy/paste from each field, to the app you're using. This is something I just can't give up, as I do too much work with terminal windows, remote control apps, or other apps that require passwords. I see from their forums, that they've been talking about it for a year or so now, but it needs that REALLY REALLY bad.

It seems to be kind of a workflow vs features/pretty between PasswordWallet and 1Password.

I use Roboform it's awesome. It gives me the option to store my information on my desktop and not in the cloud which I haven't found with any other password manager

I used to use Lastpass until they had a breach a few years back.
Now I am using Roboform, my son told me it is the most secure and that they've never been hacked.

I use PasswordBox as does everyone in my office, surprised it wasn't mentioned. Great price point, awesome features (auto-sync, auto-fill, multiple device support, etc.) and easy to use. Wouldn't change to another now if you paid me.

My son asked me about an app for storing passwords. I have been using SplashID for years... works OK. While I am reading this article trying to give him some advice, he comes in and says "hey, why can't I just use "Numbers"... it now has password protection on the file, and it automatically syncs with iCloud so it is available on my Mac and all my iOS devices?... and its FREE! Um... not a bad idea!

One of my main concerns when trialing various password managers (that the managers in your list did not handle too well) was the ability to use my saved passwords across multiple platforms. RoboForm so far appears to have the best product available for multiple or cross-platform users. I currently use RoboForm with both Mac and Windows computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices and it syncs my data between them seamlessly.

Understand very well that Lastpass will break the way your keychain connects with your browsers. You will not longer have saved passwords or saved user names. I thinkit is a terrible product.