Best password manager apps for Mac: 1Password, LastPass, oneSafe, and more!

From storing and generating passwords to managing your credit card info, here are the very best password manager apps for Mac!

Easily remembered, broadly repeated passwords are for suckers. Writing them down to type back in, or copy/pasting them each time is not only a hassle, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Security just isn't easy and convenient enough for most people, most of the time. Unless... you have a great password manager app! From generating super strong, unique, pseudo-random passwords, to auto-filling logins and credit card info, a great password manager means you really can have it all — security and convenience. Here are the best ones!


Best password manager apps for Mac: 1Password

1Password for Mac is only part of the 1Password suite that's available across every platform you could think of, with any browser you could possibly want to use. The standalone Mac app serves a a great password bank that you don't need internet connectivity in order to view. The browser extensions are what let you autofill both passwords and forms, as well as save new passwords with little to no effort on your part. 1Password for Mac then seamlessly syncs your data across to other devices you're using with 1Password.

If cross-platform support is a necessity for you when it comes to storing and managing passwords, 1Password for Mac is hands down the best option.

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Best password manager apps for Mac: LastPass

LastPass for Mac isn't actually a standalone app but it is a great password management service as long as you don't mind having to have an internet connection in order to access your vault on your Mac. For the most part, the browser extensions do all the heavy lifting from saving passwords to autofilling them, along with forms and identities. The feature set is familiar to 1Password, just packaged differently. However, if you want access to LastPass on either Android or iOS, you need a LastPass Premium subscription which comes in at $12 a year.

If you only need a Mac password solution, LastPass is the best free solution for Mac.


Best password manager apps for Mac: oneSafe

oneSafe is a standalone password management app for Mac that specializes in storing all your sensitive data before anything else. There may not be autofill options and browser integration but what oneSafe lacks in that department, it more than makes up for in security. For starters, oneSafe is the only app on this list that supports tri-pin security. You also have a vault inside of your oneSafe vault that requires an additional password to access it. All of this data also syncs to the iOS version via iCloud if you want it to.

If extra protection layers are your first priority, give oneSafe a hard look.

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Best password manager apps for Mac: pwSafe

pwSafe is a true safe for passwords, not a complete autofill solution, even though there are a few shortcut key options to launch sites within the app. You can store passwords in iCloud or anywhere locally on your Mac. You can have as many vaults as you'd like, both locally and stored in iCloud. pwSafe then syncs them with your iPhone and iPad running the iOS app. Just like both LastPass and 1Password, pwSafe lets you store any kind of login imaginable and can generate strong passwords on your behalf.

If you need multiple password vaults or just want a place to keep all your passwords that doesn't consist of a sticky note, pwSafe is a simple but elegant solution.

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iCloud Keychain

Best password manager apps for Mac: iCloud Keychain

We can't forget about Apple's default password management solution, iCloud Keychain. If you have OS X Mavericks, you've got it built right in. And if you have an iOS device running iOS 7, iCloud Keychain should sync your passwords pretty seamlessly across OS X and iOS with little effort on your part. There's definitely some work to be done on Apple's part, but it's a good start.

If you're running OS X Mavericks or above and value simplicity above all, give iCloud Keychain a try.

  • Built into OS X

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Your picks?

If you're already using a password manager for Mac, let me know — which one, and what killer feature made you pick it? If not, choose one now and tell me — which one did you go with and why?