Best weather apps for iPhone

Debating over which weather app you should use on your iPhone?

What exactly is the best iPhone app for weather watchers? That's a tough question to answer. Apple has their own, built-in Weather app, with edge-to-edge graphics and subtle, elegant animations. However, it's still decidedly on the simple side. Since weather apps have become something of a playground for great designers and developers these days, there are many excellent, yet very different alternatives to be found in the App Store. The toughest part is choosing between them. If you need help deciding, these are currently our absolute favorites!

1. Dark Sky

Best weather apps for iPhone

Up to the minute precipitation info

Dark Sky does one thing better than the rest, and that's precipitation. If you live in a temperamental area in terms of rain or snow, you need Dark Sky. Of course you get other things too, like daily and extended forecasts, and gorgeous map views. Just add your locations to Dark Sky and opt in for precipitation notifications for the areas you care about and you'll never be caught without an umbrella again. Dark Sky also features support for the Today view and Apple Watch.

2. AccuWeather Platinum

Best weather apps for iPhone

For super extended forecasts at a glance

AccuWeather Platinum packs some serious weather data into a pretty tiny package. You get temperature and feels like data, up to the minute precipitation data, forecasts for almost an entire calendar month, and much more. If there are certain aspects of the weather you don't care about, AccuWeather lets you customize exactly what you see. You can also opt in for severe weather alerts via push notification. And if you have an Apple Watch, AccuWeather has you covered there too.

3. Storm Shield

Best weather apps for iPhone

For serious storm coverage

Storm Shield can provide daily and extended forecasts like the rest, but its main focus is monitoring and alerting you to potential storms in your area. Whether you're worried about hurricanes, tornadoes, damaging thunderstorms, or something else, Storm Shield can show you real time maps and projected forecasts for virtually anywhere in the United States. Storm Shield also uses more accurate location in order to help prevent false alerts.

4. Weather Line

Best weather apps for iPhone

Up to the minute rain predictions, great long term forecasts

Weather Line combines the best parts of both the Dark Sky and services. If you're in the US or UK and want up to the minute rain predictions, Weather Line. However, my favorite feature of Weather Line is how it shows long term weather averages at a quick glance, which comes in handy when preparing for travel.

5. Weather Underground

Best weather apps for iPhone

The right amount of everything, including health info

Weather Underground is arguably one of the most accurate sources of weather information and includes interactive radar, satellite maps, severe weather alerts and support for Notification Center widgets. Since Weather Underground can pull from over 100,000 weather stations worldwide, you can be sure that the forecast you're getting is accurate. Weather Underground also shows relevant health info such as ozone alerts and pollen indexes, great for anyone suffering from allergies.

6. CARROT Weather

Best weather apps for iPhone

Weather with an attitude

The entire CARROT line of products are designed incredibly well and CARROT Weather is no exception. You get a 7 day extended forecast, Today view widget, current conditions, hourly breakdowns, Apple Watch support, and best of all, a snarky weather concierge. For basic weather info, CARROT Weather is a great compromise that's sure to make you smile throughout the day.

7. Fresh Air

Best weather apps for iPhone

Weather tailored to your schedule

Fresh Air offers a gorgeous weather experience that's completely tailored to your schedule by pulling in your calendars and location information. Have a coffee date across town? Fresh Air can let you know at a glance if you'll need to pack an umbrella. The Today view widget can also show a list of upcoming events and the weather that coincides with them. Using Fresh Air is the equivalent of having a personal weather assistant in your pocket. Better yet, most features can also be accessed on Apple Watch too.

8. Check the Weather

Best weather apps for iPhone

Weather at lightning speed

Check the Weather was designed around simplicity. Swipe and tap your way through hourly and daily forecasts, view radar maps, and lots more. The Today view widget of Check the Weather provides beautiful extended forecasts no matter what you're doing. You'll also get Dark Sky precipitation built right in.

9. NOAA Radar Pro

Best weather apps for iPhone

Radar maps for any scenario

NOAA Radar Pro offers beautiful radar maps across the entire United States and Puerto Rico. Rain data is available not only for current conditions, but predicted ones over the next 24 hours. Push notifications for any threatening conditions in a particular area can be customized to your liking. NOAA Radar Pro also comes with a Today view widget and notification support on Apple Watch.

10. Wthr Complete

Best weather apps for iPhone

For long term historical averages

Wthr Complete comes with a great interface packed with tons of useful information. Swipe your way through multiple screens that include extended forecasts, daily forecasts, and radar maps. All come complete with beautifully done graphs and charts. My favorite feature of Wthr Complete, however, is its ability to show four year averages for any particular day of the year.

11. Your pick?

Best weather apps for iPhone

Stock iPhone weather app not working for you? Let us know in the comments what weather app you settled on and why!

Note: Originally published, October 2013. Last updated, May 2015.