Best weather apps for iPhone

Best weather apps for iPhone

What exactly is the best iPhone app for weather watchers is a tough question to answer. Apple has their own, built-in Weather app, with edge-to-edge graphics and subtle, elegant animations. However, it's still decidedly on the simple side. Since weather apps have become something of a playground for great designers and developers these days, there are many excellent, yet very different alternatives to be found in the App Store. The toughest part is choosing between them. That's where we come in! Here are the best weather apps for iPhone!

Weather Line

Weather Line combines the best parts of both the Dark Sky and services. If you're in the US or UK and want up to the minute rain predictions, Dark Sky can provide that and it comes bundles in Weather Line. Aside from great precipitation data, Weather Line graphs the weather in one of the most meaningful and useful ways we've ever seen; through a series of gorgeous charts and easy to read graphs.

If rain prediction is important to you, get Weather Line.

Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather by Contrast does a great job of balancing features and screen real estate. It aggregates data from NOAA which unfortunately makes it a US only app. It's one of our favorites because the card style interface and the balance between useful data and avoiding clutter was done exceptionally well.

If you don't need advanced weather data and like apps that feature card style layouts, check out Perfect Weather.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is arguably one of the most accurate sources of weather information and includes interactive radar, satellite maps, severe weather alerts and support for Notification Center widgets. Since Weather Underground can pull from over 30,000 weather stations worldwide, you can be sure that the forecast you're getting is accurate. Not only can you view 10-day forecasts complete with hour by hour information, you can also view historical data to compare current averages to past ones.

If accuracy and multiple weather station sources are your number one priority, you want Weather Underground.

Check the Weather

Check the Weather is on the simpler side but provides up to date rain information from Dark Sky. Not only that, it's got a gorgeous weather widget to go with it that can tell you what to expect every hour and day in just a swipe. When you want view radar maps, you can tap on the Dark Sky section inside Check the Weather to see current conditions. Check the Weather also features hazard weather alerts, live doppler radar, and more.

If you want Dark Sky predictions combined with an elegant interface and great Notification Center support, give Check the Weather a look.


Shade is a minimalistic weather app that supports many locations with options for 7 day forecasts, graphical information on precipitation and temperature, notifications, and more. When it comes to data, you can toggle between Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine. Tap into any location you're monitoring and hold your finger and drag in order to scrub through weather data throughout the day. Shade also allows you to use the audio jack for third party sensors if you choose.

If you like swipe gestures and prefer simple interfaces, Shade is a great option.

Bonus: Pocket Weather Australia

For those down under, Pocket Weather Australia is an excellent option. Using Australian Bureau of Meteorology data, Pocket Weather provides tide times, push notifications for many events, rain radar info for all of Australia, and much more. Not only that, it manages to do so while being wrapped in a beautiful and easy to use interface.

If you live in Australia, Pocket Weather by ShiftyJelly is hands down the weather app you want.

Your vote for best iPhone weather apps?

If you don't use the stock iOS Weather app, let us know in the comments which alternative weather apps are your favorites! What made you choose those particular apps over the stock app or any of the ones listed above?

Note: Originally published, October 2013. Last updated, October 2014.

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Best weather apps for iPhone


For Australians, Pocket Weather by Shifty Jelly pretty much can't be beaten. Okay it hasn't been updated to match the look of iOS 7, but it's still the best IMO.

I was just about to add that. Pocket Weather, while shifty, also looks great. (If one believes Australia has any weather...)

Hey Ally i thought i would bring it to your attention, the last app on the list you have it listed as Free but when you click on the link the app is $3.99

Well, with the Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, using Wikipedia to research climate change, I don't think the politicians believe we do either... ;)

I agree, especially the Spark locator function. Best looking for me is Yahoo weather. Best local is Weather Underground, users have personal weather stations that connect to the app.

Aero -- heads down, my best experience. Thing is, if the app doesn't have a temp badge that shows on my home-screen, it doesn't belong on my phone ;)

^^ Totally agree here! I've tried other apps with temp badges such as Weather Live, Fahrenheit, and Weather On before discovering and loving Aero. If Apple had only provided live weather badges or in-icon weather, I would have happily stuck with the stock weather app.

I love the core premise of Swackett, because I don't want to use my precious brain power to translate a weather report into what I should wear. I've been a loyal user for years, but the iOS 7 update totally jumped the shark with "fashionable" avatars and a bunch of silly bonus features that get in the way:

There's a Swackett Lite that still uses the old style, but only uses male avatars (booooo):

Are there any other weather apps similar to what Swackett used to be?

The best radar only app is RadarScope. Hands down. At $9.99, it isn't cheap.. but the best rarely is.

My favorite alternative weather app is My Cast! It's very clean and accurate, the interface is exceptionally easy to navigate. I need accurate daily and even hourly forecasts for one of my part time jobs and I use My Cast over all other apps.

I use my local news channel (WRAL) weather app. NC weather constantly fluctuates and they give nice weather alerts based on current location.

Weather Bug. I've downloaded dozens but that's the one I always end up coming back to.

I prefer the stock weather app, it's already built into iOS so it's not taking up extra memory & the lack of a live icon doesn't bother me since it shows in Notification Centres Today page.

Me too. I've tried about a half dozen or so and none of them are as good as the stock weather app.

My only gripe is that I wish I could set it to only predict for the next two days instead of a week+ as it does by default. There is not a single weather prediction service in the world that is accurate past two days, so to have the whole next week laid out in front of you is a bit of a bad joke.

It implies that it's actually possible to predict the weather, when anyone who knows their atmospheric science knows that even two days is "pushing it."

I've been hounding this company for a few years to offer a Pro version without the ads. It's a nice app but I refuse to buy a subscription to it.

I like Weather Underground. It provides all I need, including a weather radio. I also use Thermometer for the icon badge current temp. But I'm gonna check out Aero.

Sent from the iMore App

Anyone notice how none of these kinds of weather app reviews ever talk about accuracy? Personally, I'd much rather have an accurate-but-not-pretty forecast than a gorgeous app that constantly leaves me sopping wet when it predicts a dry day.


Nothing else come close really to their accuracy.

And how can an app be a finalist and not have radar? I mean really all you have to do is look at reliable radar and you know what's happening basically.

"WeatherBug" is an awesome app that I use the most. And one very nice thing about it is it's FREE...

Sent from the iMore App

Been using Weather Bug for years. Has all the information I need. Not the best use of screen real estate on the iPad. In-app purchase to get rid of the adds.

My goto weather app is Dark Sky ( If you want a very accurate local forecast , this is the one. I walked into a meeting a few hours after purchasing this app and received an alert minutes before the meeting started. It said "Rain starting in 10 minutes", I showed the message to some people close to me and put my phone away. Ten minutes later everyone was looking out the window behind me and wanting to know about Dark Sky.

Weather Underground for accuracy and information depth and Weather Line for precipitation predictions. WU has proven consistently more accurate than any of the other apps I've tried, and the NC widget is extremely handy. I continue to try the occasional newcomer, but I always end up coming back to WU.

Sent from the iMore App

My main problem with weather apps is that most of them don't work outside of the USA and it gets tiring "buying" them (even if free) and downloading them only to find this out. I appreciate that this information is included in a couple of these apps above, but it would be nice (since some of your own writers are Canadian or European), if you would explicitly include that information for all of them next time.

If you live on the coast, Hurricane Pro for the iPhone, or Hurricane HD for the iPad. It has world radar also, and in non season, you can keep track of winter storms that can form quickly. I also like Radar Scope, and Dark Sky. I tend to shy away from apps that do not have radar.

Sent from the iMore App

I like Weather Underground, but a good one to have on hand is Dark Sky. It gives you predictions about local precipitation over the next hour -- and local means targeted to your specific spot, not just the city you are in. So it is great for figuring if you can go out for an errand before the rain starts, or how long you need to wait for existing rain to stop. I have found it surprisingly accurate, even with precise times for start/stop of precipitation.

I have tried at least a million weather apps. I like the option of being able to select my personal weather station. Weather underground is currently my most used app. I also really like Weather On for its simple yet attractive, accurate and very complete weather interface. It does not do elaborate definitive forecasting but as far as I am concerned is unparalleled in terms of iconic usefulness. Will have to check out a few of the others mentioned here as I am not familiar with them.

eWeather HD is the one I use. Beautiful interface, accurate forecast, and radar.

Sent from the iMore App

If you fly, the MyRadar App allows you to put in your airline and flight number, and if a flight plan has been filed into the FAA system, it will draw the planned flight plan on the map so you can see the weather for the airline's flight plan/your trip.

Radarscope is another good one, if you want all the products Doppler Weather Radar can provide, including TDWR data.

Radarscope, hands down. Granted, most people would never understand its use or complexity, other than it looks like what they show on a TV set, but still the best weather radar app out there.

For me it is hands-down weather underground. A lot of times they are the only provider that has a local weather station.

Sent from the iMore App

My favorite weather chart is the hard copy of the NY Times. It shows a graph of the last five days highs and lows, as well as the upcoming five days highs and lows. You get the forecast in the context of the recent past, with shading for the average and record temperatures. I prefer Weatherline because it has a similar presentation of the forecast. It would be even better if it had a landscape view with both the forecast and temperature of the recent past.

YoWindow. Has lots of info and great animation, kind of cartoonish but better than those background photos in Y! Weather.

Sent from the iMore App

Weather Line is amazing, but it hasn't gotten any love since Nov 25, 2013. That is a super long time with no updates.

Hopefully the developer actually updates it for the iphone 6/6+ resolutions...

I like eWeather, Weather Underground and a couple more, but I really like the new Yahoo Weather Widget for a quick view of the weather

I really like Weather Underground. I have a Personal Weather Station in my yard so I am able to see what is happening from anywhere. The forecasts are accurate and the radar is great.

Re: Shade. Lol. Nice looking app, but... who decided that the availability of temperature data in Rankine was an important feature?

Weather underground seems to be the best in my region (Northeast). It's been an unpredictable battle with these different weather apps. It might have to do with the weather being so unpredictable... Might be onto something here. Any who, weather apps with 20% error are the best. Anything above that is garbage.

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Don't forget to also checkout Weather or Not! It's been featured as best new weather app and in best overall new apps.

Unlike other weather apps, Weather or Not is designed to be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. The app allows users to visualize the weather and understand what it means for their plans using an interactive 7-day hourly graph. In addition, the calendar integration allows users to import their schedule so they can receive weather updates for all of their events.

We hope you like it!

Ally, now that BeWeather2 is out, you gotta give it a spin (and a review). Its widget is second to none. Cheerios!

Personally I really like Simple Weather Widget by Back Bay Bytes. It just provides a widget, not much else, but it's very configurable, the data is good, and it gives me a lot of info without taking up much space.

Accuweather is, again, pretty nice. Especially since Yahoo, and Weather Channel insist on large advertising panels. I purchased BeWeather 2 and like it, but it drives me batty that the Radar slides open so easily when trying to move the window. Way to sensitive. Would prefer they add a lock to that or other radar access. Picky yes, but it bothers me.