Birdfeed Twitter Client is now Brizzly... and Free!

Brizzly for iPhone

The delightful Twitter client Birdfeed has been bought, updated, and rebranded by Brizzly and is now available as Brizzly for iPhone... for free! [iTunes link]

If you're looking for a great Twitter client, give Brizzly a try. (Note: per comment below, you do need a account to use it which


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Reader comments

Birdfeed Twitter Client is now Brizzly... and Free!


I'll pass. You have to have a Brizzly account to use it - you cannot just sign in to your Twitter account.

Good thing Loren did not patent the concept of "drag down to spring-reload a list," so perhaps Apple can file for this as proprietary technology and protect us from its use getting out of hand like this.

If you guys use Twitter on your computer, you should have a Brizzly account anyway. It's the best desktop Twitter client out there. Blows Tweetie and Tweetdeck and whatever else out of the water. I've sampled TONS of them, and it's way better.
At the same time, Brizzly for iPhone doesn't do any of the things that Brizzly for your computer does. Both Tweetie 2 and Echophon are way better.

I use Twitter, I have a Mac, I have an iPhone. What the hell is Brizzly? Why would I require an account with it to use a service I already have an account with?
Jesus, if you're too lazy to create your own iPhone app to go with your desktop client at least buy one and make it easy to use with what you're customers have already. They must be looking to redo Birdfeed to make it match what Brizzly desktop does.... right?
Or... not, and they really are lazy.