Camera 360 updated with support for Sony QX lenses

Popular iPhone camera application, Camera 360, has been updated at long last with the promised support for the Sony QX10 and QX100 lens camera systems. Until now, the only way to use one either of these Sony camera attachments was through the official Sony Playmemories application, but Camera 360 adds some additional creative possibilities.

The Camera 360 Android application was updated a little while back with the same support, and hopefully many more will follow. One of the biggest issues we had with the QX10 during our review period was Sony's application. While some issues are out of their control, the overall experience just isn't that great, so hopefully Camera 360 can bring a little bit extra to the table.

Beyond support for the QX lenses, the update also adds a new intelligent detection for the environment you're taking photos in so as to help take better photos, and a bunch of bug fixes and general performance improvements. We'll be firing it up with our Sony QX10 today and taking it for a test drive, so stay tuned for more on that. Grab it for free at the App Store link below.

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Camera 360 updated with support for Sony QX lenses


Camera 360 had a great tool in the android version that was like automated selective coloring. I remember taking a picture and tapping on, say, the color of my couch and everything else would be black and white except that color. I got some great shots out of it but that feature has been missing from the ios version. I hope they bring that back sometime!