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These 3 Dash Cams Work With Your iPhone

Which dash cams will work with my iPhone?

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Dash Cam πŸš—πŸ“½

Whether you’re someone who drives short distances for your daily commute or you're planning an epic cross-country road trip, installing a dash cam in your car could save you a lot of grief and change your driving perspective.

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These are all the cars that currently support Apple CarPlay

Update: Ford has announced the 2018 Expedition, which will feature CarPlay support and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Swift-ing to Autopilot: Why did Lattner leave for Tesla?

Up until recently, Chris Lattner lead Apple's Developer Tools Department, leading the development of Swift and Xcode. Now he's at Tesla, leading the development of Autopilot. Why make such a risky jump? Our Tesla expert, Derek Kessler, weighs in.

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How to tell if your car has Siri Eyes-Free or CarPlay installed

Does my car support Siri Eyes-Free or CarPlay? Here’s what each does and how to find out.

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Make your dumb car smarter with Automatic Pro!

Let's face it: We can't all buy new cars with the hot new tech. A Tesla just isn't for everyone. But we can do a few things to make our older, dumber cars just a little bit smarter. And for that, there's the AUT-350C Pro Gold 3G.

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How to make a phone call with CarPlay

Whether you are new to CarPlay or are considering the purchase, how you make a phone call is probably something you've wondered. Luckily, making a phone call is a pretty easy process in the car, and here is how you do it.

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How to use Siri with CarPlay

Many people use Siri to complete tasks throughout the day, and luckily you can continue to use it in the car with CarPlay. Using Siri in the car isn't hard, but there are a few things to know.

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How to get directions and use Apple Maps with CarPlay

Apple Maps can be very useful in getting you where you want to go, and it becomes even easier to use when connected to a CarPlay-compatible vehicle. Let's take a look at how you can use it to get around town.

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Ford expands CarPlay to all 2017 vehicles

Ford announced earlier this year that it would bring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to all of its 2017 models equipped with the Sync 3 infotainment system. The company has now confirmed that it will integrate Sync 3 in all 2017 cars, SUVs, light trucks and electrified vehicles.

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