Top Clash of Clans cheats

Clash of Clans: Top 8 tips, tricks, and cheats!

Clash of Clans strategy guide: How to work (and cheat!) your way to faster, bigger, and better wins in Clash of the Clans for iOS!

Gird your loins! Collect your elixir! You call that an upgraded wall? Clash of Clans brings the brazen aggression of Scottish warfare to the addictive and simple mechanics of casual gaming. It's insanely popular, and we’re here to make sure your camp is the toughest to break through, that you're rolling in gold, and that you're climbing the leaderboards.

For those unfamiliar, players in Clash of Clans build forts with gold and elixir resources. Buildings are dragged and dropped however players like, and resources are collected and stored whenever you hop into the game. Over time, they build an army of various troop types. They can be taken on single player missions to raze the villages of nearby goblins, or on raiding parties of neighboring villages. Similarly, other players can raid your town, but don't worry, nothing is permanently destroyed (though they can snatch some of your gold and elixir). Players earn and lose trophies through their multiplayer raids, and band together in clans in order to concentrate their attacks.

It sounds simple, but there's a lot more to it.

Originally published October 2013, updated September 2014 with two bonus tips for Clan Wars

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Clash of Clans: Top 8 tips, tricks, and cheats!


why does it have a survey you must complete before it gives you hack, it wants my mobile number and asks me to subscribe...smells funny to me. i dont trust it

The top hint that I have for this game is.... leave your town hall outside your main base. Make it easy to access and obvious that it can be destroyed without the person loosing troops. That way, almost every attack will give you a shield (but cost you trophies). I've used it for a long time, and it works very well. The best part of it is when someone comes along, destroys my town hall with 3 barbarians, leaves me a shield and takes no resources.

WOW an actual tip! lol I don't understand why anyone would want to cheat; it makes the game pointless.
I just started and I'm definitely going to try putting my town hall outside. Thanks! How long does the shield last?

What fun is the game if you cheat.... you build your village to max potential get bored and quit. Then u miss out on new updates.

i have a new clan that needs some new members we have starter dark troops, all regular elixer troops except dragon( for now ) 600 trophys to join. the clans name is TWERKINATOR

hey thanks if you advise me i want coc hack with password reply my comment or share a new comment type my name to make sure i read it

Actually, there's no problem breaking your shields. You can't get attacked while your online, so what's the point of keeping your shield while you're playing. As soon as you get off, you'll get attacked and get a new shield.

My idea is to keep your gold and defenses as high as you can. You should buy defenses and upgrade them as soon as you can. You earn trophies if your base is successfully defended. Therefore if you have a high trophy count, you will earn a larger bonus for successful raids.

This and all the other websites are cheats,
Filled out the complete survey and also purchased on survey as required and then the claim button will click. The cheat you out. there are no free gems or any such thing.

join our clan Empirexsparta. just be loyal and have fun. just donate and request :) to let us know that you've read this. when you join put "Empire may i join"

I also need gem can someone help me I've done the surveys before for a pin code could not find it when finished am I doing something wrong please help

I love this post!

I have been working on my own walkthrough ( FOR A LONG TIME.. And it was a ton of work. But well worth it to help my own readers.

The thing I like is you offer good tips to the players. Most people/blogs out there I see, all offer low quality value to their readers. You guys help out :)

I knew about all the mentioned tips and tactics, but for newbies and so on they are really useful! I know there are more advanced tactics out there, but off topic.

Great post, keep going!

Hello. There is also Acttivador for Android.
Acttivador keep Clash of Clans online. They can not attack you.
It's free, does not need root and you can use it for the phone and the PC.
You must start Acctivador, then you start the game and finally you switch on Acttivador. When the time of the app is finishing you can restart again.
I use it and run very well. You will tell me if you like.