iBooks for iPad, iPhone to be updated with "Collections", printing, and PDF emailing?

According to some leaked screenshots and descriptions, Apple's iBooks app for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone will be getting an update in the near future that includes "collections", along with PDF printing and emailing.

Collections are similar to folders. You will be able to make groups of books and PDF's that are accessible via the new "collections" button as well as from your bookshelf. User-created collections are completely customizable, but the the two default collections, Books and PDF's, are not.

In addition to collections, the new iBooks update will have the option to email PDF's and print PDF's with AirPrint. You will be unable to print or email books, however. (That makes sense for purchased books but hopefully non-protected ePub books will get print and email functionality at some point.)

There is no word on when we can expect to see this update, but we're betting it'll make an appearance at the rumored Apple event in December.

Who's looking forward to this update? What collections do you plan to create?


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Reader comments

iBooks for iPad, iPhone to be updated with "Collections", printing, and PDF emailing?


I just want inverse colors (black pages, white text) for night time reading. Every other ereader will do that, I don't understand?! Has no one at Apple used the other ereaders? Do they not have the 5 minutes it would take to write the code???

I might use it to read my PDF files but not as my primary reader The new updates does not make it better then my current Kindle reader. The Kindle still offers a better selection and price and more features. I have not and do not plan to purchase any books for the iBook reader.

Hmmmm, nice, I don't really read too much on iBooks tbh, for the prices I'd rather actually have the book, but the ebooks I have downloaded are generally a series. Will be good to organise those into collections.
Surprising it took so long, virtually every comic reader has that functionality.

What I would really like is the ability to give my book to someone else. Loan or gift, either way, I can do it with a paper book, I should be able to do it with it's electronic counterpart.

@John: in the settings you can set triple home button push to negative screen. That way you get black screen and white letters.

I would love the option to send/print PDF files from IBooks. I don't really buy a lot of books either, but I do preview them to see if I want to get them. I use iBooks on iPad more, but I could really use the send/print feature for business.

@McNessie : thanks man. i had given up using ibooks as my primary reader simply for this function...i had changed over to kobo.
Thanks to your observation i have enabled the triple press for -ve screen and i'm back to ibooks!

I like the idea about putting collections of books together. All of my James Bond or Jason Bourne collections together would be sweet. I think it would work well for movies in Apple TV (old version) as well. Like having "box sets" for example.

I just hope that we get the same feature for the pictures app. I'd like to manage all my pictures from my phone. IBooks should be a static app as well, like game center is. It should be written within the OS itself.