The Competition: RIM to Release BlackBerry Desktop Manager... for Mac?!



RIM has officially announced that BlackBerry Desktop Manager software for MAC will be available this September. THANK YOU RIM. You can visit to sign up for updates and learn more or visit the Inside BlackBerry blog to see a few screen captures of it in action.

Yeah. Good luck with that. Any guesses how long that lasts before Apple releases a patch to disable BlackBerry sync?

(Kidding! Joking! Don't panic, Kev! We're happy for you -- now you're at least half-way towards restoring your childlike sense of wonder...)

Rene Ritchie

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gquaglia says:

Let's see how well this actually works before handing out the accolades.

Al says:

I'm sure it will work just like the windows version. They are obviously trying to remove the perception that if you use a Mac you should get an iPhone to be able to fully interface with your phone.

icebike says:

Rene: I doubt Apple would block this. That would CLEARLY be illegal Restraint of Trade in the US.
(Oh, I suppose you had your tongue firmly in cheek, but I was trying to head off another tinfoil hat Apple-bash-fest.)

Entertainment72 says:

Nothing like RIM following the leader.

Joe McG says:

Maybe RIM should get the Windows version working correctly before they release a Mac version. That was one of the main reasons I dumped Blackberry. I had to uninstall / reinstall 3 times before I could get my Calendar to sync. Plus, it took an hour to do this because of how huge it was. I could never get Bluetooth sync to work correctly on my Curve or Bold. Whenever I plugged in to my PC, the software would lock up my computer for 2 minutes.
I'm glad I don't have to think about that anymore...

ryrycalguy says:

FINALLY!!!!! BUT it's too late RIM, I've moved on to the iPhone and haven't looked back since. At least this will persuade some Mac users to stay with their Blackberrys (if any).

Joe McG says:

Actually, if you read the Crackberry version, it says that Media Manager will allow you to sync with iTunes. This is something similar to what Palm did with the Pre.
However, I guess if Media Manager is the one controlling the Blackberry to Mac connection (unlike the Pre), Apple couldn't do anything about it. I imagine it would just read the raw playlist/filepath info and could duplicate it on your device.

iDutch says:

@AI yeah i thought so too. But personally i don't see why if you buy a mac you would buy any other phone that's not the iPhone. but yeah some people really love mac and really hate the iPhone so it isn't a good combination for them.

SheiknetChris says:

There are other ways of integrating devices with iTunes besides just having the phone pop up in devices. The iTunes Library file is pretty much just an XML file, isn't it?

icebike says:

Maybe RIM should get the Windows version working correctly before they release a Mac version.

The same could be said for Apple Itunes.
I've never seen such an Unintuitive, unresponsive, ill designed, poorly implemented, sloooow, poorly organized, overly assertive, and uninformative. Its just really unusual to see a large corporation deliver a package that is so ignorant about Windows conventions and programming rules.

frog says:

Good news for those stuck on a Blackberry. But it'll still be a horrible experience compared to how the iPhone syncs.

icebike says:


But personally i don’t see why if you buy a mac you would buy any other phone that’s not the iPhone.

If the reverse was true, Apple would be out 90% of its iPhone market. Windows still has 90% market share.
I just can't buy into that concept. Its just wrong on so many levels I scarcely know where to start. So I won't.

LIBuff says:

Goodbye iPhone! finally a solution for my java based blackberry... omg, wait... i am SO joking... it will still crash daily and fail to sync correctly...

Joe McG says:

iTunes works ok for me.

legendofdon says:

This is nice news, but it's too late for me, I have ditched my BB for an iPhone. Although, this does give me something new to consider when I upgrade. Yesterday I knew I would upgrade to a 3GS but now maybe I might have to look at the onyx as well.

DocGo says:

Just like a lot of folks here, this came a bit too late. I was hoping for a Mac version of BB Desk Manager...3 years of this month, I have completely switched over to my iPhone. Sorry, RIM.

Andy says:

If you have a proper corporate job (other than one at Apple), you likely still use Windows and most likely have a company-issued Blackberry. At the same time you probably prefer Mac for home use and so the ability to sync the two has been long overdue. I used to carry 2 devices but gave the iPhone to the wife since I prefer/need email over games and apps. Apple has done a lot to integrate with business people but not happening anytime soon and AT&T doesnt make it easy to have one plan and use 2 devices. Thanks RIM. Finally.
Lastly - this is really more for Media Manager. BES users dont need calendar or contacts sync and Google does a better job than iTunes anyway. This is nice to get my music and photos onto my removable SD card (something apple wont do).

Ron says:

AT&T really detracts from the iPhone experience, IMHO. Apple would do well to consider the negative effect AT&T is having, and will continue to have, on marketability of the iPhone.

Hakala says:

@Andy I see your point about being able to store music pics and other items on a removeable card but in most case MobileMe works quite nicely. But I see where you're coming from as Internet access, and the ability to download files to a device, isn't always available or allowed. (AHEM~iPhone~AHEM) or not at least not until this supposed "iDisk" app arrives. But for the record Ive got mixed opinions on that small, but extreme, subject.

only1jonarius says:

NVM searchD it...iFile § iPhoneBrowser[BOTH Free] wrk jus FINE for me...NO need for iDisk cuz Im more than sure u can't adjust any [hidden] files on "iDisk"...

Dailyhaste says:

haha well that makes all the BB people happy but who has one of those, iPhone ftw.

MJB says:

Three years too late.

TJ says:

"Yeah. Good luck with that. Any guesses how long that lasts before Apple releases a patch to disable BlackBerry sync?"
--Really? Did you even visit Blackberry's page on this, much less, read it's contents??