Contacts Journal for iPhone and iPad updated [giveaway]

Contacts Journal for iPhone and Contacts Journal HD for iPad have updated with calendar integration and new badges. This Contacts Relationship Management (CRM) app is like having a diary and to-do list for each of your contacts, all in one app.

  • Log all your interactions with your contacts; review them to prepare for the next meeting
  • Add To-Dos for your contacts to remind yourself of important upcoming events and follow-up steps
  • To-Dos support adding local alarms, repeating events, and adding to your iPhone Calendar
  • View all your Logs and To-Dos across all contacts, sorted by date
  • Export your data for reporting by AirPrint, email, CSV or even to your iPhone Contact notes field
  • Call, SMS or email your contacts directly from the app, and
  • Save to DropBox from one device, and Fetch from DropBox on another, to easily transfer data

The update features are:

  • Calendar integration! Now you can add your To-Do item to your iPhone / iPad calendar!
  • Icon badges! See a count of your To-Do items right on the icon, on your home-screen.
  • Contact badges! See a count for the number of Logs and To-Dos attached to your contact. Great for quickly browsing through your list to see who you have already entered information for, and who you haven't.
  • Badges on the More tab-bar for unsaved DropBox changes. This will help remind you to save your changes to DropBox frequently.

The good folks at zaal have given us a few promo codes to give away to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, let us know how many contacts you have and which version you prefer: Contacts Journal or Contacts Journal HD.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Screenshots after the break.

UPDATE: Congrats to winners Josh Kelly, Dpolleta, rclifestyle, Miltglyn, Hancheta, BigDog353, Mike Presley, Kyle & Melissa de H Wirth, and Wolff Craig. Enjoy!

[$4.99 for iPhone - iTunes link] [$4.99 for iPad - iTunes link]

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There are 51 comments. Add yours.

Eduard van der Zwan says:

I currently have 295 contacts. I wouldn't mind the Contacts Journal app

prewanabe says:

I've got 400 contacts and the iPhone version would sure come in handy!

Chris P says:

I have 146 contacts and would like this for iphone.

Dlivaccari says:

I have over 1300 contacts and could use something like this for iPhone.

Milton says:

I have over 700 contacts and would prefer the iPad version. I do a lot of volunteer work and this would help me stay organized.

InspectorFox says:

600+ contacts ... This app would surely be useful.

Nayan says:

I have 1250 Contacts, want to use it for my iphone 4

ToeJo says:

I have 1586 contacts and would be thrilled to have either version.

SmoothWitIt22 says:

I have a little over 150 contacts and would appreciate the contact journal app.

RCLifeStyle says:

I have 200+ contacts and would like to use this with my iPad2

Niki says:

I have 548 contacts and would love a copy for my iPhone 4 so Contact Journal for iPhone please

Cruisingeditor says:

500 contact for me, having major issues losing new contacts added to my iPhone when syncing. Help! I need a new solution to keep them consistent thruout iMac,iPhone & iPad. MobileMe just isn't cutting it. I'll review it as well, for one of sites I write for too, if I can get a promo code version. Thx!!

clealsgirl says:

I have 723 contacts and a copy of Contact Journal would be SPLENDID! I work in sales and this would increase my organization immensely!

Mfaga says:

I have 1200 contacts and would live to use this app. I would like the IPhone version.

Kenneth says:

282 - Contacts Journal HD

zerog46 says:

Works great and does what it says.

Hancheta says:

I have 500 contacts and I would like to have the Contacts Journal HD

pivale says:

I have 343 and would prefer Contacts Journal for iPhone

Guest says:

I have about 600 contacts, and I'd prefer the iPhone version.

Skusey says:

287 contacts .... on my iphone

Tim Buckley says:

419 contacts! I just got an sales internship as well as my first iphone and this would be an awesome app to get me started!

CoDy McCollum says:

234 contacts.. Contacts Journal for iPhone please =D

Wolff Craig says:

1226 contacts -I'd love Contacts Journal

Parkylondon says:

I've got about 600 hundred contacts and would love to give this a try. I've been looking for something like this for a while. I'm on the UK itunes site so we'll to make sure the Code is valid there otherwise it'll be a waste. Pretty please?

Parkylondon says:

obviously, 600 hundred doesn't mean 60,000. It's just 600. Soz.

tnations says:

I have about 250 contacts for now. I would love to have Contacts Journal (iPhone version).

Josh Kelly says:

795 contacts. would love contacts HD

Mistryarnav says:

~300 contacts and I would like contacts journal HD!

Mike Presley says:

i have 250 - 300 contacts and would love to try the iPhone version!

Bacco says:

319 contacts and I would prefer contacts journal for the iPhone.

Pnut says:

I have about 150 contacts but since we are opening a bakery, we will not doubt have more and would love to use Contacts Journal for iPhone so we can better manage the business!

ThinkLiveCreative says:

I have 820 contacts, grouped by (but overlapping) my educational programs I manage, the graphic design organization I direct and my personal listings. I would love to organize with Contacts Journal HD.

BigDog353 says:

Would love to have the iPhone version for my 1,238 contacts and growing on a daily basis. Use my iPhone for all of my Honda Clients who have bought cars from me and being able to put notes in from calls and events would make my life much easier. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

fastlane says:

From all of us here in Detroit; Thanks for nothing.

Needit... says:

i don't know how many contacts i have...thats why i need Contacts Journal for my iphone... :)

andrew.ortwein says:

Posting on behalf of my wife, who is a wedding planner and has over 500 contacts (brides, vendors, etc). She'd prefer Contacts Journal. Thanks!

Hlshure says:

Contacts Journal would be awesome. I have 284 contacts. TIPB Rocks!

Cuilo says:

I have 200 personal contacts and just for work over 500! Can you please hook me up with the Contacts Journal HD

fastlane says:

I have 148 Contacts and have never won anything in my entire life. Ever.
iPhone app.

= rez = says:

187 contacts, urgently need the free Journal HD app.
(Ripley getting into space suit while alien has a siesta in escape craft) Lucky.... lucky... lucky ... lucky... lucky....

Scottydo says:

477 contacts. This would be Handy in helping me track business connections as I try to open my small business. Contacts Journal for iPhone would be the bomb! Please :)

Katia says:

I have 206 contacts and I'm desperately in need of the HD version....please :)

CEF says:

230 contacts. Lets use this on the bug screen, HD version please

Board guy says:

About 6500, both biz and personal. I'm having issues with Outlook...

Jim says:

I am looking to add my first contact today. ha ha this would be a great app for my IOhone

tpshimmons says:

I have 432 contacts in my personal contacts list and then there is the school list. This app sounds perfect to help in our exploration of what apps would be a perfect companion to the teachers in our school! I would love the iPad version.

Gary Fountaine says:

I have over 350 + contact both personal and biz. I'd love to get a promo code for Contact Journal for iPhone. With mobile conference coming up I need to keep track of all my to dos and contact interactions.

Kyle & Melissa de H Wirth says:

I have between 600 and 700 contacts and would LOVE a copy of Contacts Journal!

appliancemedic says:

I have over 2200 contacts that I use on a daily bases I would love to try this app to see if it would help me with my To Do List

dpolletta says:

About 800 contacts, i would like to try this on my iPad.

Marc Vanderstraeten says:

I have about 1500 contacts, and would like to manage interactions with them in a better way... hope this one helps because evernote bring choas in my life...