How to update your Twitter status from Siri on the iPhone 4S

Apple hasn't (yet?) added posting to Twitter to the tricks in Siri's bag, but if all you want to do is tweet out a quick status, you can add it yourself.

It's simple: Navigate to Twitter from Mobile Safari, jump into the mobile settings panel and make sure you have your mobile phone number setup with the service. Twitter will then spit out a number for you to text message Twitter updates to. For confirmation's sake, send a quick status update to the number to make sure the text is pushed to your Twitter timeline.

For more, see Clay Russel's write up below.

Source: iPhone Addict

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Reader comments

How to update your Twitter status from Siri on the iPhone 4S


Um...why can't you just use the Twitter integration to have Siri send a tweet?
Why must you go through all of those arduous tasks?
This seems to be going backwards, not forward.

Because for whatever reason, Apple only let you use the tweet function when there is an attachment, i.e. tweet a photo from the camera roll. You can't just tweet text from wherever, so I'm guessing thats why Siri can't either

That was my thought as well. Are you guys sure you can't say "Update Twitter" to get a new status?
Vlingo does allow "Update Facebook 'message here'" or "Foursquare Shout 'message here'". I would definitely think Siri could do something like this.

Apparently it won't let you do this if you name your contact twitter because it says it won't tweet for you. Also, you can't do this through mobile safari.

Earth. Hard isn't the word. Complicated is.

  1. Open Safari
  2. Navigate to Twitter
  3. Open Settings
  4. Click Devices tab
  5. Put your mobile number in and save
  6. Click Home
  7. Open Contacts
  8. Create a new contact for the # Twitter gave you
  9. Initiate Siri
  10. Send a message to Twitter saying “I love my new iPhone 4S!”

10? Really? Now subsequent tweets are only #9/10 but that's way too much to set it up.
It'll get better though. Apple will open it up one day, I hope.

So what I have learned by reading this is how to send a text message via Siri while using twitter as a contact...Good thing apple integrated twitter in the OS, so we can find long workarounds to complicate things!!

how do u get into the mobile settings panel? I went to twitter through Safari and I dont see any place like settings.

Just hit the little microphone button by the keyboard in the Twitter app.
Actually, if you've got a the "hold the phone to my face to activate Siri" turned on, click on the field in the Twitter app and start talking. Pretty much the text field in any program.
It actually appears if you are typing in a field and hold the phone up, all she does for you is dictation...

It didn't like when I named the contact Twitter -- but I named it Tammy (don't know any Tammy's) and was able to have Siri send the message very easily. Thanks for the idea!

I agree, this is too complicated. While I would love to just tell Siri "Tweet blah blah blah" and be done with it, I do have multiple Twitter accounts. Here's what I've been doing:
Open Twitter app, click button to compose new tweet. Put the phone up to your ear and say what you want to tweet. Wait for it to appear, then hit send!

They keep saying "Twitter integration." I do not think it means what we think it means.
Seriously, it would never have occurred to me that you couldn't say "Tweet I'm having breakfast right now." and Siri wouldn't know exactly what to do with it.