Why Facebook and other apps sometimes say

Why Facebook and other apps sometimes say "Cleaning..."

With iOS 5 it's not uncommon to sometimes see the label under many apps, including Facebook, sometimes change to read "Cleaning..." This is a feature of iOS 5 that Apple hasn't really explained, so it's caused a lot of you to write in an ask about it. Here's the deal...

Basically, that's iOS 5 deleting cache and temporary files so that when iCloud or iTunes does a backup of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, that backup is smaller and faster.

Since adding iCloud and Wi-Fi sync options, it's become important to keep app data as clean as possible, so backups are as efficient as possible, so we're not left waiting around for minutes or hours getting as frustrated as possible.

And yes, this is the same reason that, under the original iOS 5.0, apps like Instapaper would sometimes lose all your locally cached articles. (Since fixed with the addition of a third storage option between documents and cache, one that's not cleaned but also not backed up.)

So, if you see "Cleaning..." pop up under Facebook or any of your other apps, don't worry. That's just iOS 5 keeping your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as lean and mean as possible.

Rene Ritchie

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Discord (Web troll) says:

I thought some people think of "Cleaning..." meant women have to go back to the kitchen...


What triggers it? I also have not seen that yet.

Lhyna says:

Make sure you dnwoload the libusb.exe file. The link in the tutorial didn't work for me. I just googled libusbwin32. I can't remember the link I used, sorry.

Brandon Smith says:

Agreed, I haven't seen this yet either. Hmm.

Anyone13 says:

Mine is cleaning now! How long will it take?

websyndicate says:

I have come across this a few time typically happens when you are out of space or running out.

Litterocky2489 says:

Does anyone know I can view my news feed in chronological order? The sort button is there anymore with facebooks newest update.

Dave says:

Is there a way to force this? My facebook and twitter apps get to be over a gb and I have to delete and I have to delete and reinstall in order to get them back to their regular size.

Alex says:

It's actually not to keep backups small but to free up space on the iPhone when it starts to run low. Files being cleaned up are in the temporary and cache directories, which have never been included in backups.

Dl says:

Then mine is broken, I've never ever seen it cleaning, sounds like my DH LOL

Vlad says:

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Darren says:

Can any one tell me how long the cleaning will take as it been below my Facebook app for nearly 1..1/2 now thanks

Ruli says:

I prauhcsed the full version, and now am wondering if there will be any Greek and Hebrew studies, or commentaries included anywhere in here soon?I'm having a rough time about me having paid 50.00 for a bunch of pics.

Shane says:

It's happening to my Twitter app right now... How long will it take!!!...

Anyone13 says:

Mine is cleaning! How long will it take?

Alexandra says:

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Julia says:

My Facebook just got "cleaned" it only took about two minuets tops (:.

Natwar Lath says:

Yes. this cleaning deleted all my books downloaded by Zinio. BS.

Lindsey says:

My pinterest app has been cleaning for 8 hours.

escorte says:

I just like the valuable info you supply for your articles. I'll bookmark your weblog and test again right here regularly. I'm slightly sure I will be told many new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!

Rich says:

Never saw this until just a couple minutes ago. Thought I had a virus... Thanks for the explain.

Marci says:

I just noticed that my pinterest app is "cleaning," will this delete all the pins I've posted?

Tammy Amand says:

wy cant my aps load face book games