Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff headed to iOS on April 10

Family Guy

FOX and TinyCo has announced that their new Family Guy mobile game will be headed to the App Store from April 10. MacRumors reports that the official name and release date of the title were unveiled at a launch event in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The game looks a lot like Fox and EA's Springfield-centric title — and like that game it'll apparently be free to play, but supported by in-app purchases. Fans of the show are promised an authentic Family Guy experience, with a Quahog-based setting, voiceovers from the series' cast and writing from Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions.

So, any interest in a Tapped Out-like game with a Family Guy twist?

Source: MacRumors

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff headed to iOS on April 10


Wow, I didn't realize that the article was a forum to solicit employment, lol.

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It was donuts for the Simpsons so I wonder what they're thinking of using to try and trick children into buying IAP's for in this game?

If someone lets their children play a Family Guy based game then they deserve to have their children spend money. Family Guy isn't really child material. Besides, it is up to me as a parent to monitor my child and not allow them to make in App purchases, hence the ability to turn them off in the settings.