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FlipSide gaming case arrives on Kickstarter with claimed support from Apple

FlipSide gaming case arrives on Kickstarter with claimed support from AppleWe have seen many gaming solutions for the iPhone come and go however this latest Kickstarter project may have a bit more to offer. The interesting part of this particular project is that the designer is working with iDevices who already has a relationship with Apple. Because of this, Apple has apparently agreed to support the device.The FlipSide gaming controller is basically a protective case for your iPhone that also has hardware gaming controls in the back of it that can be unsnapped and attached to the front.

Flipside is a protective iPhone case that has gaming controls (for the serious gamer) integrated into the back of the case. When utilized, you unsnap parts of the back of the case and attach it to the front. With iDevices professional design team, this controller can be manufactured exactly how we envisioned with the original design and intent.

iDevices contacted Apple on my behalf and we are happy to announce that Apple is not only going to support us, but willing to devote a team to making sure that this controller works perfectly with Apple iOS devices!

The controller works by utilizing the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which is a highly power efficient protocol that was designed to run off very small coin type batteries. The ability to use this technology in the FlipSide case also allows it to include solar charging too. The project needs help to reach its funding target, it currently stands at just under $2,000 and needs to make at least $135,000. It still has 28 days to run so there is plenty of time.

What makes this particular controller stand out, is the claimed support from Apple. I have said on many previous occasions that any game controller would need to be supported by Apple and a standard be setup so all game developers can support one controller protocol in their games. Then and only then, would a controller become a success. Maybe this is the first glimpse of that becoming a reality.

What do you think of the FlipSide controller and the claimed support from Apple?

Source: Kickstarter

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FlipSide gaming case arrives on Kickstarter with claimed support from Apple