Garmin offers Heads Up Display for Navigon-equipped iPhone

Garmin offers Heads Up Display for Navigon-equipped iPhone

Having turn-by-turn directions on your iPhone is great, but it's still distracting to look down at your phone to see the route that's mapped out for you. Garmin's taking a page from fighter jets and high-end luxury cars by introducing a $129.99 portable Heads Up Display (HUD) that works with Bluetooth-equipped smartphones, including the iPhone equipped with Garmin's Navigon software, available through the App Store.

Garmin's HUD rests on the dashboard and projects onto the windshield turn indications, distance to the next turn, current speed, speed limit and estimated time of arrival. It will automatically vary the brightness level depending on ambient light. And because it works in conjunction with the Navigon software on the iPhone, you'll also hear spoken directions, either through the iPhone or through the car's stereo if it supports Bluetooth.

A transparent film that attaches to the inside of the windshield to better reflect the HUD display is included, along with a reflector lens you can attach directly to the HUD. The HUD incldues a power cable with a USB port so you can charge your iPhone and use the HUD simultaneously.

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Reader comments

Garmin offers Heads Up Display for Navigon-equipped iPhone


At first glance this looked exciting, but I'd like to know how well it works without the film. I'm not crazy about attaching a film to my windshield.

It's worth noting that any HUD I've seen for cars - built-in or third-party - uses some sort of surface on the windshield to project its image. Having said that, that's why Garmin is offering their HUD with a reflector mirror.

We'll see if we can get our hands on one for a full review.

This looks great. I like Tom Tom myself but would give this a shot to see how well it works in helping to better keep my eyes on the road. Come on Tom Tom develop one of these things already. Was reading comments from related link given above and a few people saying Navigon kinda iffy. If I am shelling out $59 for an app I want it to work most of the time. Anyone using Navigon often?

Not Navigon, but I use the Garmin Street Pilot onboard, and frankly, in many ways it is better than my nuvi. One should note though, Sat reception is FAR better with a standalone than any phone at the present time.

"...Sat reception is FAR better with a standalone than any phone at the present time."

Yeah, and that's what keeps bringing me back to getting a proper satnav/GPS system for my oft-lost wife. :\

It looks cool, but I'm curious how it's going to work over Bluetooth if you've already got your phone paired with your car for doing phone calls. The phone's only going to connect to one system, right?

The other thing I'd like to see is if it is just limited to navigation software specially set up to use the device, or if it acts like an airplay device and you can show anything on the screen. For example, I'd like to be able to use it to display OBD-II data to the screen, and I have no idea if whomever makes those apps would create a version to work with this HUD.

This looks cool, Maybe version 2 could slso show what song is playing?

Also, just so everyone knows, it works iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Android.