Hockenberry on Choices and Designing Twitteriffic

Back before my iPhone was torn from me (sniffle) for the Round Robin, Twitteriffic was (and will be again) my mobile Twitter client of choice. Since TiPb has also been looking into App development and iPhone UI lately, this all added up to make Craig Hockenberry's post today on furbo.org especially interesting. Hockenberry talks about the importance of making choices in development, about what features to add and what to leave out, and perhaps most importantly to us, in variety of different approaches:

There will always be more than one way to solve a problem: a developer’s personal preferences will inevitably seep into the implementation. Having many choices for a Twitter client means that developers don’t need to create a “one size fits all” solution. In essence, users get to choose a developer whose preferences match their own.

If you're at all interested in a behind-the-curtains peak into what makes a good app great, be sure to read the whole article.

Also, let us know if you're currently using Twitterrific, if what he mentions was already obvious to you, or if you're using another Twitter client, what you're using and why you prefer it?

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Hockenberry on Choices and Designing Twitteriffic


Twinkle is so much better then twitterific in my opinion twinkle is twitter and a iPhone community wrapped in one it's simply the best

I signed up for Twitter a month ago and haven't figured out wtf it is yet, either. I only signed up so I could send comments into CNN, but there doesn't seem to be any way of sending a message to anyone that I can see. Twitters Help section is a nightmare.
For the iPhone I chose to download TwitterFon because of the Apple UI. It doesn't matter if it lacks features because the others are an eyesore and I don't like eyesores on my beautiful iPhone. But, like I said it doesn't really matter because I have yet to use it.

I use Twitterific as my default Twitter client, both on Mac and iPhone. But there are some feature that are frustratingly absent, such as the ability to follow/unfollow within the app, and the ability to view all tweets from a particular user without using the web interface.
I know other Twitter clients have this feature, but Twitterific's UI and look are just so phenomenal, that I've been able to put up with it's drawbacks. I'm not sure that will last forever, though. Here's hoping Twitterific can incorporate some other features found on other clients without sacrificing its svelte style. I think it can, but we'll see.

In the article, Hockenberry talks about why they didn't add follow/un-follow, and how it was a mistake not to add it -- something they'll be addressing in an update

I also use Twitterific because of the quick, clean UI but also because it's one of the few clients I know of that actually saves your "last read" location instead of simply dumping you at the newest tweet when you load it up.

I've downloaded maybe 5 different Twitter apps for my iPhone and by far my favorite is Twinkle. I can locate other Twinkle users within a set radius of my current location, read their posts and make either public or private replies to those posts, including a photo if I wish. It's just a fun way of communicating with people. I visit it throughout the day and love to see what's on people's minds.