How to change your Snapchat user name and delete your account

After the recent security scares surrounding Snapchat, culminating in the apparent release of millions of users' login details and phone numbers, you may well have decided that enough is enough and you're done. However, while you can change your phone number – it needs to be a valid one still – within the app, you can't change your login name, or close down your account. There is an easy way out though – even if not well advertised – and we'll talk you through it.

Here's a top tip; even changing your account login name involves deleting your account. At this point Snapchat doesn't allow you to just change it. So, follow the steps below to close down your account, and if you want to continue to use Snapchat, you'll have to sign up with a different login name.

  • Step 1: Point your web browser to
  • Step 2: Login with your current Snapchat credentials
  • Step 3: You'll need to re-enter your password on the page you see pictured up top. Your username should be automatically entered into the grey box. You're also reminded that there's no way back.
  • Step 4: Hit "Delete My Account," wait a short time, and you're done. Just to make sure, attempt to re-login to the Snapchat site with your old details.

And that's really all there is to it. As mentioned above, if you just want to change your username you still need to delete your existing account, re-sign up with different details, and start all over again. But we don't blame you if you don't want to.

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How to change your Snapchat user name and delete your account


They (whoever that would be) need to start giving these companies stiffer penalties when this happens. It's happening all to often now. Look at the whole deal with Target and credit card numbers, or Adobe a couple months ago.

Step up security and hire people that know what they're doing.

Or why dont we stop using tht mindless service and let it die? They value themselves 4 biliion. Does facebook and Google even have a business model to earn back that money when they buy this crap for those stupendous amounts? They are not worth more than 500 million..

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Wow! They should penalize those that steal and publicize personal information. It's just evil and wrong!

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Nope, the guys that did this had informed them about it. The developers of the app didn't take it seriously. Now they just lost their business. Plus, if you're dumb enough to use a service like this. Then you have nothing to complain about.

Funny enough, I tried to recreate my account and it only allowed me to change my age to today, January 1, 2014. Meaning that I has to use SnapKidz. Seems to me that the Y2K scare hit Snapchat for the first of the year.. or that Facebook is really f-ing with them. Haha

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