How to delete an app from your iPhone or iPad

The App Store offers hundreds of thousands of apps for you to choose from. Unfortunately not all of them will fit on your iPhone or iPad so you'll have to choose which ones are important enough stick around. There may come a time you need to delete apps to free up some space, or perhaps you just don't use them anymore. Luckily, it's super easy to get rid of them. Here's how:

How to uninstall apps on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Find the app you'd like to delete and hold down on its icon until it starts to wiggle.
  2. Release your finger and then tap the X in the corner of the icon of the app you'd like to delete.
  3. You'll receive a popup asking you to confirm you'd like to delete that app. Tap Delete to confirm.
  4. Now press the Home button to exit edit mode.

That's it! If you'd like to delete multiple apps at once, just keep tapping on X'es and confirming deletes before hitting your Home button in order to exit edit mode.