How to re-download purchased books with iBooks and iTunes in the Cloud

How to re-download purchased books with iBooks and iTunes in the Cloud

If you've purchased books from iBooks, you can download and enjoy them across all your devices. It doesn't matter what device you purchased them on, you can easily enjoy purchased books on any device. If you don't have automatic downloads enabled or you accidentally deleted a book, you can easily get them back whenever you'd like!

How to re-download a purchased book in iBooks on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the book category at the top. Depending on what tabs you have, the title you see for the tab may be different than mine.
  3. Tap on Purchased Books — this filters only books that were purchased and weeds out PDFs and other document types.
  4. Tap on the book cover of the book you'd like to download to your iPhone or iPad.

That's it! Your book will automatically begin downloading to your iPhone or iPad. You can delete books any time you'd like as well in order to save space on your iPhone or iPad — or just to clear out clutter in iBooks if you prefer. Whenever you'd like to re-read something again, just perform the same steps again in order to re-download books again.

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