How do I log a workout session with my Apple Watch? You save all your workout information to your iPhone using your Apple Watch.

Whether you're heading to the gym and jumping on a stationary bike, enjoying a nice long walk outdoors, or going for a brisk run around town, your Apple Watch can track any session, complete with distance, time, heart rate details, and more. Once you're done, Apple Watch will log all this data in the Activity and Health apps on your iPhone. This way you can review information and track your progress whenever you'd like. Follow along and we'll walk you through how!

How to log workouts with Apple Watch

  1. Launch the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap on the type of workout you're going to perform. You can scroll through all your options using your finger or the Digital Crown.
  3. Choose the type of goal you'd like to set for yourself by swiping left and right. Adjust the goal with the Digital Crown or your finger.
  4. If you don't want a goal at all, choose Open, which is the last option
  5. Once you have your goal set, tap Start.

    Launch workout app, tap on the type of workout you want, choose your workout goal an then tap Start.

  6. Apple Watch will show a countdown.

  7. Apple Watch will notify you with a tap when you are halfway through your workout and when you achieve your goal.
  8. Swipe Right on the screen when you're ready to end your workout.
  9. Tap on End.

    Swipe right on the screen when you're ready to end your workout and then tap on End.

  10. Apple Watch will present you with a workout summary. Use the Digital Crown or your finger to scroll to the bottom.
  11. Tap on Save to log your workout.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the workout summary and tap Save.


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