iBeacons being deployed at 2 MLB parks... but how should they be used?

iBeacons being deployed at 2 MLB parks... but how should they be used?

Major League Baseball has finished the installation of iBeacons at two ballparks. Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium and San Diego's Petco Park are two of a planned twenty baseball stadiums to be outfitted with the technology. iBeacons will be used to send content to baseball fans with the MLB.com At the Ballpark app, with coupons, videos, and more appearing during the MLB's iBeacon trial at Citi Field. Each team and ballpark can choose to deliver different content, according to Recode:

“Thirty clubs gives us the opportunity to work with clubs to customize based on their fans,” Adam Ritter, senior vice president of wireless MLB Advanced Media, said in an interview.

How would you like to see iBeacons used? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Recode

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Reader comments

iBeacons being deployed at 2 MLB parks... but how should they be used?


Directions to the beer stands and nearest bathrooms! Also pull up tickets in passbook when you approach the gate.

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There are so many possibilities. The iBeacons could have seat locations from input tickets and open Maps to direct the user to their seats. It could send video to the device if the user is sitting in nose bleed seats. So it's like having the jumbotron in your lap.

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Largely, for directions.. iBeacon is great for that.. I'm in seat 2234A, and want a hotdog.. take me there! :)

9to5Mac is asking a similar question. Why not send a alert when I walk past the team merchandise store with specials ("mention THIS ad and get 15% off merchandise")? I bet that draws more revenue. What about contests ( text "TIX" to 55555 to win a pair of tickets)? Player stats sent when they come up to bat.

Care needs to be taken though. The more fans look at their phones, the less they watch the game. It can be overdone if the teams aren't careful.

As a blind user, I would want detailed directions to pretty much everywhere. I would needed to tell me what landmarks to look for with my cane, and exactly what I need to do to gett to my seat.

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Give directions to locations , updates on scores if you leave for the restroom or food stand, directions to nearest food stand with the smallest line. Information on parking location.

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