iOS4 updated: Twitter, Real Racing, Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, Trapster, TomTom, Slacker Personal Radio


We’ve been keeping our eye out as more iOS4 app updates keep hitting the App Store filled with multitasking, state saving, Retina Display-ing goodness. So pull out your iPhone or get on iTunes and check for updates. Here are some more we’ve seen roll out since our last post.

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Twitter for iPhone

[iTunes Link]

Twitter for iPhone iOS 4

This is a big one for most people as it’s by far one of the most popular Twitter clients for iPhone.  Now that it’s become the official client and is available for free, it’s become that much more popular.  Twitter for iPhone hasn’t disappointed and rolled out an update that not only supports fast app switching, but resolution support for the new retina display, as well as some bug fixes.

Real Racing by Firemint

[iTunes Link]

Games are what most users are really looking forward to with the new display.  Looks like some developers are really starting to take advantage of the new display. Real Racing seems to have redesigned their graphics to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s display.  If you’re in the market for a great racing game, this just may be for you.

Here’s what’s included in the update –

  • New graphics for showing off the retina display with high resolution textures, more detailed car interiors, improved track graphics, beautifully updated menus and exceptionally smooth graphical performance on iPhone 4
  • More responsive and accurate controls on iPhone 4, with three-axis gyro support in addition to the accelerometer
  • Smoother graphics on iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3 with iOS4 anti-aliasing
  • Support for iOS4 multitasking on compatible devices
  • Bux Fixes

Flight Control by Firemint

[iTunes Link]

Looks like Firemint is really on a roll and updating most of their game selection for iOS4.  Most of the updates seem to be in line with those for Real Racing.  Enhanced graphics, fast app switching, anti-aliasing, and gyro support.  If you’ve never played Flight Control, it’s an incredibly addicting game.  If you already have it, go grab the update!

Plants vs Zombies

[iTunes Link]

This is one of my favorite games of all time.  If you haven’t picked it up, I highly suggest it.  Those of you who currently have it, it’s been updated to support fast app switching in iOS4.  Apart from that, I don’t believe the update includes support for the retina display.  I’m hoping we’ll see that in a future update.


[iTunes Link]

There aren’t very many free navigation apps in the App Store.  If you aren’t in the market to spend a lot and want a decent one, Trapster may be for you. It also comes with speed trap alerts.  And it comes with support for background navigation.  What more could you ask for?


[iTunes Link]

I’ve read in several places that users were having issues with TomTom after upgrading to iOS4.  TomTom has issued an update to not only fix compatibility issues but adding some great features to support iOS4. So if you upgraded to iOS4, make sure you update so you can continue using TomTom.  GPS apps are probably going to improve ten-fold with the release of iOS4.  Here’s a list of new and improved TomTom features –

  • Seamless navigation while calling (3GS and iPhone 4 only)
  • Newly updated maps
  • Background navigation instructions
  • Route Sharing (share route details with contacts via e-mail)
  • Departure Reminders (add them to your calendar)
  • Eco Routes (more fuel efficient routes)
  • Car Symbols (personalize car symbols on your driving screen)

Slacker Personal Radio

[iTunes link]

Slacker Personal Radio for iOS 4

Slacker is right now releasing version 2.1 which supports multitasking for listening to Slacker Radio in the background and offers convenient controls for accessing the app while performing other device functions. Slacker Radio 2.1 for iOS 4 offers:

  • Support for multitasking
  • Convenient background play controls
  • Music library featuring millions of songs
  • No monthly listening limits
  • Over 120 professionally programmed genre stations
  • Create custom stations based on artists or songs
  • Fine tune stations on-the-fly to play more of the music you like
  • View artist biographies and photos
  • View album art and reviews
  • Pause and skip songs
  • Rate songs as favorites
  • Ban the songs and artists you don’t like

If you're a Slacker Radio Plus subscriber:

  • Cache stations to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch**
  • Enjoy Slacker radio stations even without a wireless network
  • Unlimited song skipping
  • Ad-free listening
  • Complete song lyrics†
  • Unlimited song requests for creating stations
  • “Peek Ahead” artist and album preview

That's what we've found so far, but if you find any you think deserve a post-up let us know in the comments or send us a tip!

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iOS4 updated: Twitter, Real Racing, Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, Trapster, TomTom, Slacker Personal Radio


Bejeweled 2 was also updated and supports multitasking. When you activate it (double press the home), all the gems are hidden.

The mighty Stephen Colbert's "The Word" is updated and is iOS 4 tested. I forget what they updated, but nonetheless there you go. Just thought that was a cool one to see out there.

Seems that Navigon missed the boat on this release, TomTom has already released their update and I have a worthless Navigon GPS app until they update. Has anyone found a fix for this on iOS4 for Navigon North America?

Looks like iTeleport has an update, Urbanspoon as was mentioned, Camerabag too... and most exciting, Street Fighter 4, though that one kinda disappeared on me once i re-opened app store a bit later. Hopefully it'll pop back up this evening. Cammy!

I'd like to know where the heck the update is for IM+?!?!?! These developers knew for months that they'd need to update but never did so now I and thousands of other paying customers are left without an im app due to their foolishness.

Still not seeing many app updates for iOS4 :(
At least 2 of my favorite apps, Pandora and TomTom, have been updated and coexist nicely. Fantastic for long journeys!
I also noticed that Pandora (and I guess any iOS4 audio app) work with the inline headphone controls so I can pause and advance Pandora music without looking at the screen. Presumably this will also work with devices that control music via the dock connector so it will work with my Kensington LiquidAux Deluxe car dock too :)

You guys think the official twitter app is the best? What makes it the best, in your opinion?
Personally, I much prefer Twitterific (I'm even just using the free version). Seems a little more polished (for example, the coloring of tweets, your tweets, reply tweets, etc.)

@dubbdee you used the app before without a problem. Have some bloody patients and wait a day or two for the update.

Got my iPhone 4 today, just activated it and loaded all my apps. Navigon seems to be working fine on the new hardware. I've not taken it for a drive but the maps are showing up now. I guess Roulette was right, I just need to go to hospital and get some bloody patients. ;-) Or is that bloody patience?

I hope TomTom will finally add text to speech capability to their app. Right now I'm forced to use AT&T's app because text to speech is a must for me. The price seems compelling for the US maps, as it used to be near $100.

TomTom already does text to speech. You just need to make sure you are using one of the supported voices.

I typed too soon. I reloaded the 3D maps in Navigon and it's back to black map syndrome. I guess that add-on is the culprit here. Turn-by-turn voice directions are still functional.