iPad versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now available in the App Store

iPad versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now available in the App Store

As promised, the iPad versions of the Microsoft Office suiteWord, Excel, and PowerPoint — all are now available in the App Store. All three apps are free to download, but require a $120-a-year subscription to Office 365 to get the most out of them.

All three apps offer the same set of features as the desktop versions and sync through the cloud to your desktop via the aforementioned Office 365 subscription.


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iPad versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now available in the App Store


FWIW, just tried one of our Excel sheets that was virtually useless in Numbers or Preview (not even properly viewable) and everything is just there and works (drop-downs, integrated charts and all). Word and PowerPoint are still downloading, but the first impression is very promising.

Why do these links work but searching for 'Microsoft' doesn't find these new apps?

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It happens with all new apps. The search indexes in the App Store need to be updated after release and this takes time. It's nearly always quicker searching the internet for a direct link than relying in the App Store search.

Microsoft, you had me at free.... You lost me at the yearly subscription fee.. Good Bye Microsoft! I will NEVER RENT software!

Quite a bit, however had MS said only major versions are paid and the entire suite was lets say $69.95 for the life of that major version I would have purchased immediately. Paying yearly to use sometime I will use once a week maybe twice to review and update my docs so is not worth it.

Does pages, numbers or keynotes allow dropbox integration (or any sort of export option besides iCloud?) I don't think so, google docs either; there are workarounds and third party apps, but not directly. They have their own cloud system which they'd prefer people use instead of the competition IMO, all of them do.

If I were tied into the Office eco-system, $120 a year would not be a deal breaker. But since I have a choice, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are just fine for my Indy work. Pages reads all my old Word files (which weren't that complicated in any case), so I'll just cheer for the people who needed this.

The apps are free to use to view documents and use for presentations. To get all the editing features you need an Office 365 subscription.