iPhone Apps for the Oscars


From official Oscars preparation to six-degress of separation, production information to ratings aggregation, the iTunes App Store has something for pretty much everyone. Here's a sampling of iPhone and iPod touch apps to keep you company during the 2010 Academy Awards.

The Oscars [Free - iTunes link] is the official app from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Feature-packed including the ability to share pics over Twitter & Facebook and view trailers for all nominated films.


IMDB [Free - iTunes link] is the world's largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information. A must have.


Awards: The Oscar [$1.99 - iTunes link] is an amazing resource for any fan of the Oscars, has every Academy Award nomination since 1927, tons of helpful information and the ability to guess the 2010 winners.

awards the oscars

Vanity Fair Hollywood [Free - iTunes link] is the app that should power all your voting pools. Facebook chat function, gift bags, news and unique Vanity Fair content leading up to the Oscars.

vanity fair hollywood

Actor Genie [$9.99 - iTunes link] is an essential app for those who haven't quite made it to the level where they have their own assistant. Casting info, a who's who of Hollywood players, helpful tips and top 10 lists.

actor genie

Six Degrees of Separation [$1.99 - iTunes link] is the pop culture phenomenon brought to life on iPhone and iPod touch. Relies on the notion that any actor can be related to any other actor via his or her film roles.

six degrees of separation

Rotten Tomatoes [Free - iTunes link] is a great resource for all the info on films and the unique Rotten Tomatoes editorial for your favorite Oscar nominated movies.

rotten performance

The Red Carpet [$2.99 - iTunes link] is offering a $1 million prize for winner(s) who pick correctly in all categories! Includes latest Oscar buzz, movie previews Facebook, Netflix and Twitter integration.

the red carpet

E! Online [free - iTunes link] helps you get your fashion fix with "Live From the Red Carpet" and keep up with all the gossip around Hollywood's big night.


Bonus: While it's not an app, iTunes' "At the Movies" podcast section [iTunes link] has the best free podcast on the subject of movies, from The New Yorker Film & TV reviews podcast to Rotten Tomato podcast. All useful in catching up on the nominees for the oscars and what the movie critics think.

itunes at the movies

Any other great apps for the Oscars? Any other ways to use your iPhone or iPod touch to better enjoy the 2010 Academy Awards? Let us know!

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iPhone Apps for the Oscars


Hi, there is another app that you may want to consider: tvChatter. It is free for iphone and ipod touch.
The Oscars are featured on the home page of the app. Just tap and get all the relevant Oscar tweets aggregated for you.
-Yoel, Sr PM for tvChatter

I am truly anxious to watch the oscars soon. All the big stars at the red carpet, and really the female ones in their shine trough dresses ;). Avatar will be the biggest winner i think...

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Well, i must say, i really think that the oscars is great to watch, and i truly thought that the hurt locker was a awesome movie to look at!

Ughh..Hurt Locker winning best picture..unbelievable. I saw it in the middle of last year and just filed it away as a pretty decent action flick..nothing more, nothing less. There must have been some very intense lobbying going on behind the scenes here, because this movie lacked many of the qualities that I feel make a movie memorable and special.