iShows for iPhone: Easily, beautifully track your favorite TV shows and discover new ones

iShows for iPhone is a beautiful way to track your favorite shows while discovering new ones

iShows is a new app for discovering and tracking your favorite TV shows. With a beautiful, gesture-driven interface you can easily find shows, view episode lists, share them with friends, view summaries of upcoming episodes, and more. While there are lots of apps available to discover and look up information on tv programming, iShows does it better. The interface is just a pleasure to use, almost like you're tapping and flicking through a card stacks in order to view different layers.

In the main feed of iShows there's a countdown to when that a show will air its next episode (unless a show isn't airing any more, of course). You can share what you're watching, as well episodes you just happen to like, with friends through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The only thing I'd really like to see iShows add is push notifications for when your shows are airing so you remember to watch them. Other than that, it's a super enjoyable app to browse and gather all your favorite tv shows in one place.

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iShows for iPhone: Easily, beautifully track your favorite TV shows and discover new ones


Aside from the lack of notifications I find the show sorting in the list view kind of strange. If you have several shows that are on the same same day, the sorting reverts to alphabetical order based in show title. Most TV apps I have used use the time the show airs as the secondary sort criteria. A minor quibble, but when quickly glancing it does make a difference. Also, I found it a bit strange that when you click on show image you are thrown into the episode info which does not have the show air time. You have to click again into the series info to see the time the series airs.

Other than the above, the app is very smooth and looks nice.

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I've been using an app called "Next Episode" for a while now. I really like the information and ease of use. It doesn't have push notifications either, but it works for what I want. I don't need Social Media integration. Trending shows, countdown to next episodes, and the ability to track what episodes I have watched.

"I've been using an app called "Next Episode" for awhile now."

If it's the "Episode Next" app I just saw, that thing hasn't been updated in over a year and a half.

I would recommend "iTV Shows 2". I am using it always to keep track of what i have watched and when next episodes are going to be aired. It has Push notifications too but i never use that.
Also based on the shows one has added in its list, it can give you recommendation of other shows. This helps you in discovering new shows.
It does not have the fancy card type interface of this iShows but functionality wise iTV Shows 2 is a fantastic app as per my opinion.